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Tips on Cleaning Your Home Office

If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us is that there are a lot of jobs that can be done from the comfort of the home. But as most people who worked from home in this period will also tell you, having a dedicated home office is perhaps the most important thing for a successful work from home scenario.

Even though it is a part of the house, the home office is typically very different than the rest of the house, and so is cleaning it. Here’s what cleaning professionals at Maid Central had to say about the most effective ways to clean a home office.

Think Big

Even though many of the businesses nowadays work on computers and computer networks, there are some things that are just more convenient, secure, or useful to have on paper. So you will always have some paper lying around. And if you work in certain niches, such as accounting, paper is far from obsolete for you.

At the same time, that means that a lot of the apparent mess in your home office might be attributed to papers. Take the time to review the papers in your office and determine whether you need them or if they can be discarded. Things such as receipts, contracts, bills and similarly important papers should be kept in a safe location. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, you at least need a folder or a binder where you will keep those. They will be safe and conveniently out of sight.

The Centerpiece of the Home Office – The Computer

We tend to forget just how big the computers used to be just a decade ago. The huge CRT screens and the enormous computer cases can nowadays be replaced by a thin and sleek laptop and it will be sufficient for a vast majority of work cases.

This simplifies your cleaning process. If you carry your computer with you (to the rare trips to the office, to the coffee shop or anywhere else), having it disinfected when you return is a good idea due to the pandemic. Otherwise, simple dusting and wiping down with a damp cloth should be enough.

That is, if you don’t eat at your computer; although most of us do. If you’re among the majority of us, cleaning your keyboard of greasy stains and crumbs once a week is pretty much a must.

Dirty Dishes

Speaking of eating and snacking at your desk, look around you. Are there dishes around you? How long have they been there? Most people will have at least 2-3 cups and a plate or a bowl lying around for a full day before they take them to the kitchen.

While that might not be the worst thing, forgetting to do so can quickly turn ugly. Bits of food and drink can quickly spoil and start to smell, making the home office less enjoyable place to be. Make sure to take out any dishes any time you get up. If you are going to a toilet or just to stretch your legs, make sure to pick up that plate and take it to the kitchen. Over time, you will develop a habit of it and keep your work space that much cleaner.

Dusting and Vacuuming the Office

Even though your home office might require some specialized cleaning, it is still a part of your house, and it does also require some of the regular cleaning. Case in point, dusting the surfaces and vacuuming the carpet are necessary for the air quality in your office. Just make sure to leave vacuuming for last, or you will have to do it twice.

Having a clean and fresh working space is one of the conditions for quality work. Provide that for yourself, and you will likely find that your productivity and motivation have gone significantly up.


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