How much is Cody Ko net Worth?

cody ko

Cody Ko is a Canadian-American YouTuber, Podcaster, Comedian, and Rapper most popular for his short satire plays on Vine—an American long range interpersonal communication stage.

Since 2013, Cody Ko has amassed a net worth of $3 million. He has procured a large portion of his abundance through YouTubing. In addition, Cody dispatched an iPhone application named “I’d Cap That” that became App Store’s Free App of the Week. On YouTube, Cody has 5.25 million supporters.

Cody Ko’s original name is Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk. He is additionally known as TMG—a digital broadcast where Cody Ko and Noel Miller converse with one another (a short type of Tiny Meat Gang). He dispatched his ‘Cody Ko’ YouTube channel on 30 May 2014.

Procuring Highlights

Forbes’ most intriguing YouTuber, Cody Ko, procures $4750 each day from his 5.25 million bought in YouTube channel. Along these lines, his channel nets yearly $1.7 million.

An inquiry to you will spin that how a YouTuber gets paid. Indeed, YouTubers are paid tallying monetized perspectives, area, and playing gadget. For the most part, YouTubers take $2 to $5 per thousand monetized sees.

Cody Ko’s YouTube channel has procured a nation rank of 757 that made him a B+ reviewed YouTuber on Social Blade. Throughout the most recent 30 days, Ko’s YouTube channel “Cody Ko” has acquired 40k endorsers that show a positive sign for him.

Aside from YouTubing,he is a web-based media influencer. His “6secondauditions” hashtag netted 2.7 million devotees on Vine. Genuinely speaking, Cody Ko is a Vine sensation.

Plus, Cody Ko further acquires selling stock. In addition, he is a sound-cloud rapper and entertainer. On Sound Cloud, Cody Ko has 11.1k devotees. He has delivered 22 tracks on Sound Cloud up until now.

As an entertainer, he is credited with 19 movies and TV arrangement. Being not all that acclaimed, Cody Ko has procured alright from motion pictures and TV arrangement.

Land or Asset

Today, Cody Ko is living in a California based property precisely situated in the bright piece of the US. His home is 3911 sq. feet close by three rooms and 3.5 restrooms.

Cody Ko purchased this property in 2005 for $3.8 million

Early Life

Cody Ko was brought into the world to Greg Kolodziejzyk and Halen in Calgary, Alberto, on 22 November 1990. In calling, his folks were business people.

Discussing training, Cody Ko moved on from Springbank Community High School. He took advanced education from Duke University in Computer Science.


Cody ko dispatched the iPhone application “I’d Cap That” subsequent to acquiring a degree in Computer Science from Duke University. This application was convenient to the point that it was named App Store’s Free App of the Week. More than 4 million individuals introduced this application.

Prior to YouTubing, Ko filled in as a senior iOS engineer at Fullscreen. He turn out to be exceptionally famous on Vine for his short parody productions.

Outside Vine, Ko began full-time YouTubing dispatching his YouTube channel “Cody Ko” in May 2014. As a YouTuber, Ko mostly centers around legislative issues, late occasions, and superstar tattle.

Since 2014, Ko has acquired more than 5 million endorsers with gigantic perspectives. Outside YouTube, Ko procured fame in the wake of delivering a music pair with Noel Miller. They named it Tiny Meat Gang.

From that point forward, Ko has delivered three singles and two broadened plays with Noel. In acting, Ko is as yet depicting Wade Sanders in the American TV arrangement, ‘The Real Bros of Simi Valley’.

Nonetheless, he has won five honors and four designations all through his profession up until now. In 2019, Ko won the renowned Shorty Awards that he imparted to Noel Miller.


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Kelsey Kreppel is an American YouTuber who covers cooking, design, and video blogs on her YouTube channel. She is most popular as the sweetheart of him. On YouTube, she has delivered 67 or more recordings and has acquired than 750k endorsers. Notwithstanding, she has an expected net worth of $1 million.

What Is Noel Miller Net Worth?

Cody and Noel Miller dispatched a webcast named Tiny Meat Gang. Like Cody, Noel Miller is additionally an acclaimed Vine star. On YouTube, Noel predominantly covers sketch satire. Nonetheless, Noel Miller possesses a net worth of $700k.

Where Did Cody Ko’s Surname Origin?

Cody Ko’s family name Kolodziejczyk began from the Polish language. His family name has gotten from the residency of Kolodziej.

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