La Llorona is not the ghost story that you’re expecting

La Llorona

In 2019, the blockbuster Conjuring establishment delivered a film called The Curse of La Llorona, which is by and large thought to be quite terrible. This is appalling, since it will confound a many individuals who find out about the contemporaneous La Llorona — a fantastic non mainstream film that puts a powerful turn on an account of human awfulness.

La Llorona is in fact about La Llorona, the sobbing soul of a lady reviled for suffocating her youngsters. Yet, Guatemalan chief Jayro Bustamante meshes the legend into a more extensive illustration about the ages long aftermath of a destruction. Also, the outcome is a special, fear inciting turn on a broadly adjusted story.


La Llorona sets up quickly that it’s a phantom story, opening with a man hearing strange crying in his home. At that point it makes a major stride once again into the real world, and Bustamente burns through the greater part of the film working toward a result. Between those first and only scenes, watchers get a cut of languorous, gothic frightfulness about a family that is gradually separating under the heaviness of its old sins. However, in contrast to numerous comparative movies, La Llorona is likewise grounded in a particular social and political setting, with an evil feeling of equity that would feel right comfortable in a Twilight Zone scene.


In close present-day Guatemala, resigned general Enrique (Julio Diaz) is confronting since a long time ago postponed charges of decimation against the country’s native individuals. Enrique is an unrepentant however progressively debilitated conflict criminal, hesitantly endured by his better half Carmen (Margarita Kenéfic) and little girl Natalia (Sabrina De La Hoz). At the point when a court topples his atrocities conviction, mass fights break out and his entire family — including Natalia’s own girl, whose father has vanished — withdraws into their home.

Inside, nonetheless, the family is tortured by upsetting dreams and inconspicuous however strange wonders. Their workers forsake the house after Enrique starts to hear secretive sobbing. A lovely young lady named Alma (María Mercedes Coroy) shows up at the entryway requesting work. Her appearance compounds strains inside the family, uncovering covered enmities. What’s more, as the attack proceeds, Enrique’s distrustfulness starts going to brutality.


La Llorona is a powerful vengeance tale about a genuine monstrosity — while Enrique is anecdotal, the terrible Guatemalan destruction and coming about atrocities preliminaries are particularly not. It’s a film about a reviled man, however more about a man who is a revile, harming the spirit of everybody around him.

Enrique is an egotistical patriarch with few saving graces, in spite of the fact that it requires some investment to comprehend all that he’s finished. His better half and girl are more muddled. While the film punches at their loftiness, mercilessness toward different ladies, and easygoing bigotry, their most unpleasant convictions are driven by adoration — on the grounds that caring the enormous, oppressive Enrique implies overlooking or supporting what he’s finished. Also, that requires solidifying themselves into something savage and horrible, calling his casualties liars or imagining that they don’t exist.

It’s an unpretentious, character-driven contort on the possibility of an intergenerational hex. Also, similar to the best blood and gore movies, La Llorona disengages a genuine and unavoidable piece of human obscurity, making it difficult to disregard.


La Llorona can be an ideal illustration of awfulness that is compelling regardless of being unsurprising. Carmen and Natalia aren’t really thoughtful, however they’re undesirable in manners that are uncertain and reliably intriguing, particularly in their scenes together. Little subtleties tissue out the characters — Carmen giggling behind the scenes when Enrique is excused, the family sunbathing in a walled garden as nonconformists serenade outside.

This light account contact wavers a little toward the end, which gets all the more ordinarily frightening and explains plot focuses that were at that point suggested. Yet, even that offers some therapy following an hour of step by step raising pressure.


La Llorona was gotten by awfulness web-based feature Shudder, however we don’t know accurately when it will make a big appearance.

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