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If you do not currently have a UCR, then please purchase one now. A state of non-participation? Keep reading to understand what you require to know. If you operate trucks or buses in interstate or international trade or organize the transportation of goods and goods, then the requirements for registering the Uniform Carrier Registration (UCR) Agreement apply to your company.

If you don’t know what is a UCR and how to apply it then, Individuals and companies that buy and sell commercial vehicles in interstate or international trade. They just need to register their business and pay an annual fee. Sign up and pay a fee of $69. Companies that provide road transportation services, such as brokers, freight forwarders, or leasing services, must pay the tariff level set by the road transportation level. Pay UCR fees. The proceeds will be used to support the implementation of the road transport company’s safety plan.

What is a UCR plan?

UCR was established under the Uniform Operator Registration Act of 2005, which replaced the previous interstate and international travel vehicle operator registration and recording system: the State Unified Registration System (SSRS). Road transportation companies have the opportunity to register their operations and insurance agencies in one place rather than in the state.

What is a UCR revenue is used by member states for road safety and regulatory compliance programs. If the headquarter of the road transport company is located in one of the nine non-UCR states, then the airline must register with the neighboring participating country before traveling across the state border. As part of the street search.

The UCR registration fee should not be confused with the national vehicle registration fee paid by road transport companies through the International Registration Program (IRP) every year. Agreement (IFTA). UCR, IRP, and IFTA are cross-jurisdictional agreements that make life easier for road drivers and professional drivers. Compared with the taxes and registration days they must comply within every state or province they travel to.

Participating in electronic reference programs (such as PrePass) requires compliance with UCR, IRP, and IFTA and a good security record. UCR is now cheaper, at least until 2020.

Five categories are required to participate in UCR:

·         “Motor Vehicle”-the person who provides the motor vehicle. Balanced transportation.

·         A “road carrier” is a person who provides interstate transportation of property or passengers to support its core business.

·         “Broker” means a non-freight agent who sells or arranges transportation for a freight forwarder to claim compensation.

·         “Freight Forwarder” -a person who organizes other people’s road transportation together with the hired freight forwarder to ensure the actual transportation of goods, and executes or takes over and takes over the assembly, merging division, and distribution of goods. Responsible for the transportation from the receiving place to the destination.

UCR Interest Rate

The UCR interest rate will be 14.45 lower than the level set in 2018 and will remain effective in 2021 and beyond unless it is changed in the future. In the real world, this means lower costs, usually from $3 to $2,712 per company, depending on the number of vehicles owned or operated by the road transport company or other parties. For example, two freight companies paid US$69 at the UCR rate in 2018, the payment rate in 2019 was US$62, and the payment rate in 2020 was US$59.

Who needs UCR?

First, you need to understand what is a UCR? Then, any road transporter who operates commercial vehicles to transport goods on national or international lines. Individuals and companies that organize the transportation of goods, such as brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies, must also pay UCR fees. For airlines, the cost of UCR tariffs depends on the total number of vehicles in the fleet. Distributors and leasing companies must pay the minimum registration fee.

What if my status is not involved?

Participate in the UCR program. The following states will not participate Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia. This does not mean that he is not responsible. Every road transporter traveling across state borders must understand what is a UCR and how to purchase UCR. To participate, you must obtain the UCR closest to your participation status.


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