Next time you play a Pokémon game, take the time to read the Pokédex entries for your newest captive. You might be surprised at what you find.

Turns out they’re called Pocket Monsters for a reason, and that reason is that a lot of Pokémon game have some truly terrifying background stories. And for no Pokémon type is that more true than for Ghost-type Pokémon.

So as it’s Halloween, let’s take a look at some spine-chilling origin stories that reveal the true dark side of those cute, unassuming little Pokémon you’ve been collecting and keeping in your Trainer’s house. Maybe you should put an extra padlock on your bedroom door…

1. Banette

This Pokémon used to be an abandoned doll. Then it gained ghostly energy for casting curses and now generates even more malevolent evil by sticking pins in its own body. Do not abandon your childhood toys. DO NOT.

2. Dusclops

That ominous red eye is capable of hypnotising you into doing anything this Pokémon chooses. Worse still, it’s got a literal black hole inside its body and you ain’t never getting out of there. Save yourself, Pikachu!

3. Cofagrigus

You’ll think twice about going to an Egyptian history exhibition when you learn that these Pokémon like to swallow people who get too close and turn them into mummies. Makes you wonder where they really source these exhibits from…

4. Lampent

Aww, what a cute little animated lantern. It would be a shame if you were to discover that it actively hangs around hospitals waiting for people to die.

5. Phantump

That nice walk in the forest seemed like such a good idea until your soul got trapped for all eternity in a rotting tree stump.

6. Gourgeist

Listening to its haunting singing voice will leave you cursed, but that’s not enough for this sadistic Pokémon. It’ll also wrap you up tight in its hairy arms and sing a song about your suffering.

7. Frillish

There’s something in the water… a wild Frillish, ready to poison you and drag you five miles under the waves to its lair.

8. Yamask

See that little mask it carries? That used to be its face. Now all it can do is stare at its former visage and weep hopelessly.

9. Haunter

No matter how much it beckons to you, don’t go near a wild Haunter. Its tongue will lick your life force right out of your body.

10. Palossand

Never jump on a sandcastle again. This one stands upon the bones of its swallowed victims.

11. Blacephalon

Here it comes, slithering closer while you’re looking the other way. But be warned: any second now, its head might explode in your face.

12. Honedge

A powerful Pokémon attacks, but you’ll be okay – there’s a handy sword to hand to help you defend yourself. Oh, wait. It’s actually a Honedge, and now it’s draining your life force out through your arm. That’ll teach you.

13. Mimikyu

You might think it’s cute that it dresses up as a Pikachu, or even pitiful because it fears it can’t make friends in its true form. But did anyone ever tell you that a mere glimpse of Mimikyu’s true form has caused scholars to actually die of terror?

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