What is .NET and why is it a Great Career Choice?


The .NET Framework is a platform developed by Microsoft to build and run Windows Apps. The framework comprises programming languages, developer tools, as well as collections to develop both web and desktop applications. .NET framework also plays an important part in the development of web services, games, and websites.

Initially, the framework was designed to create applications meant to operate on the Microsoft Windows platform. The first .NET Framework version was released back in 2002, and it was known as the .NET Framework 1.0. and we have the .NET Framework 4.7.2 version.

You can use the .NET Framework to create both web-based and form-based applications. As said earlier, the .NET Framework supports different programming languages, like C# and Visual Basics, and this gives developers the freedom to choose the language that they’d use to create an application. With that, it’s essential to note that Microsoft .NET is a framework, not a language.

What makes .NET a great career choice?

Today, there is a high demand for .NET developers across the world. The demand spreads across different industries, like electronic product manufacturing, computer system design, and finance, among others. That means building a career on the .NET framework opens more job opportunities for you.

Besides, statistics indicate that .NET has a promising growth prospect in the coming years. If you have experience in the field, then you will be in demand. As indicated earlier, the .NET framework is one of the leading frameworks for web application development, and it’s mostly used to create dynamic websites. Today, more and more people are choosing a career in .NET, as we’ve also seen more and more companies searching for reputable .NET developers.

When you become a .NET developer, you can work in different areas; including developing business websites, content management channels, as well as social networking websites. You can even develop web-based applications to suit specific business needs. Also, .NET developers can create portals that can provide solutions related to payment and e-commerce gateway integration.

With that, let’s look at the reasons why .NET is a great career choice.

Availability of resources

Today, we have a wide range of available resources that can assist you to start your career in .NET. That means you won’t need to start searching for ways or materials to learn the .NET framework. The great thing is, there are numerous materials available, which presents a wide variety of options for anyone looking to pursue a career in .NET.

Large support community

.NET has another unique feature—a large support community that’s available to your disposal. A big number of small, medium, and large businesses rely on .NET to facilitate one or another activity of the business. The support community provides essential help for .NET developers in case they run into a challenge.

Visual studio

A .NET visual studio serves as a solid integrated development environment (IDE). This is a software application that allows developers to access comprehensive facilities and consists of a source code editor, debugger, and build automation tools, among other facilities. The solid IDE provides one of the best settings for server-side debugging, and that’s why most programmers choose.NET over other development frameworks.

Desktop applications

Although most programmers have started focusing on mobile apps alone, desktop applications remain to be an essential part of the IT world. Many businesses today still require software development for desktop apps, and .NET plays an important part when it comes to the development of these apps.

Numerous server locations

Maybe you have a challenge in choosing the best server platform that you’d like to concentrate on. However, that’s not the case with the .NET Framework, as it provides numerous server locations. You can develop applications for Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Job opportunities

Lastly, choosing a career in .NET development presents a wide range of job opportunities, and these jobs have lucrative salaries. The .NET framework continues to grow in popularity, and most employers are looking to hire dedicated .NET developers to handle essential tasks. This indicates that choosing .NET as a career opens up better career opportunities.

Bottom Line

When starting a career in the .NET framework, please note you need to develop persistence and patience. Programming is not a one day job. Even if you manage to develop an application at once, you can find a lot of errors during the debugging phase. Although debugging is very important, it’s a process that requires patience and persistence if you want to find and fix the errors in your application. The only thing a .NET developer should keep in mind is that things might not work for the first time. Therefore, you need to have patience if you want to have a positive attitude and a stable mindset.

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