How to Code an App for Beginners

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It will take some work to bring that vision to reality. You have to design the app and learn how to code it. That can be enough to stop you from developing the app.

You could hire a developer, or you could opt to code the app yourself. Yes, you can code the app, even if you are a beginner.

Are you ready to find out how to code an app for beginners?

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A Strong Foundation Is Necessary

Before you get to code the app, you have to lay a good foundation for the app in a few very important steps.

You may want to skip these steps and jump right into coding. That’s a huge mistake. You’re essentially coding with no plan, which increases your chances to create an app that’s not very useful.

You’ll spend more time on development because there isn’t a clear plan to guide you. You’ll code something, decide you don’t like it and recode the app. That’s a lot of time wasted.

The Purpose of the App

You have to start with the purpose of the app. The purpose will dictate everything about your app. It will determine the target market of the app, the design, the coding language, and the promotion of the app.

For example, if the purpose of your app is to help someone learn a language. Your target audience consists of older adults who want to learn how to be fluent in Italian. You may discover that your audience is likely to use an iOS device for language learning.

You then choose to develop in iOS and create a marketing campaign focused on educated adults who use iOS devices.

Likewise, if you’re building a business app to connect internal databases, you can use something like Microsoft Powerapps to build the app instead of developing thousands of lines of code.

Why Is Your App Different?

The marketplace for apps is highly competitive. No matter what kind of app you’re developing, it’s likely that there are several hundred similar apps on the market.

You need to research your app and determine why your app is better than all of the apps out there. What does your app do that other apps don’t? Why would people want to use the app?

Check out similar apps on both the App Store and Google Play. Read the reviews of top apps in your category. Look at how the apps are promoted and use some of them yourself.

You’ll be able to come up with your own ideas to improve the apps and incorporate them into your design. You can then sketch out design ideas for your app.

Animation is a great way to help users navigate the app. It can display the hierarchy of pages and draw attention to key elements and features. Moreover, motion effects provide more social interactions and user engagement. A good animation also ensures a memorable user experience. Besides that, it emphasizes the benefits of your app and conveys your values to customers.

Choose Your Programming Language

There are a few programming languages that are built just for apps. The question is which one you’ll use. Part of the answer lies in who will use it and where you will make it available.

Apps that are promoted on the Google Play store are for Android phones. If you plan to make your app available here, you need to make sure your app is compatible with Android devices. That means you need to learn Java, which is the main programming language for Android apps.

On the other hand, if your app is for iOS users, then you need to learn Swift or Objective C.

What if you want to develop your app for both platforms? There are some cross-platform tools you can use to convert your code from one language to another. However, the differences in the programming languages are so big that it makes it very difficult to get the conversion just right.

From the standpoint of a beginner, you should choose one platform to start with. Once you become comfortable with that programming language, have a viable app, and can support your app with no issues, then take on the second platform.

Which Comes First, Android or iOS?

How can you choose between the two? Go back to your purpose and the target market for your app. The iOS and Android platforms have their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

If you plan to develop your app using a computer other than a Mac OS X machine, then you should develop for Android. Swift is only compatible with the Mac OS.

In terms of potential users, Android devices have a much higher market share than Apple. That gives you a chance to have your app downloaded and used by more people.

From a development standpoint, the Swift language is far easier to learn than Java. It’s a much cleaner language and it takes less time to develop an app in Swift than in Java.

You also have to take into account your target market. If they’re iOS users, then you need to develop in Swift. If they use Android devices, then develop in Android.

Learning Swift to Develop Your App

For beginner developers, Swift is the better place to start developing your app. You want to start learning the code by taking a course or using the many free resources online that will teach you the basics of Swift.

Once you learn the basics, you can start to apply the various functions and commands to your app. If you are in need of assistance with your programming assignments a paper writing service can help you out.

How to Code an App for Beginners

Developing an app is a massive undertaking. You have to figure out the purpose of the app, who it’s for, and how to promote your app.

You also have to figure out developing the app. Learning how to code an app for beginners isn’t that complex. You should start by learning how to develop code in Swift, get comfortable with coding, and then learn how to code in Java.

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