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As people spend more time on their phones these days, spy apps make more sense than they used to a few years ago. Imagine having access to someone’s call log, real-time location history, and social media activity without them knowing. 

We tested over 30 mobile spy apps to find out which one offers the perfect mix of data security, features, and value for money. And we are proud to present Minspy as the winner. This post dives deep into Minspy’s features and how they can get you back on the driver’s seat.

What is Minspy

Minspy is a service that gives people access to target devices over the internet. It comes in a  small APK file that lets users access call logs, set geofence alerts, track SIM swaps, and more.

This spying service has been around for quite some time now, serving millions of users in 190+ countries. They have also featured in top publications such as the New York Times, Android Central, and Bloomberg, which says a lot about their reputation.

Who is Minspy For?

Minspy is for anyone looking for a reliable way to spy apps on Android and iOS devices. That makes it perfect for concerned parents who want to know where their kids go after school. This data is accessible from anywhere in the world.

It can also work for employers who want to get their money’s worth. You can track location, call logs and even see the target’s browser history. That makes it easier to manage a team of employees who are always in the field.

People have also used it to catch cheating partners with great success. Access SMS, Whatsapp, and Instagram Messages while tracking location from an intuitive dashboard. But that’s not the best part – this app keeps a copy of all communication so you can access complete data sets even if the target deletes some stuff.

What to Expect from Minspy

Minspy has a lot to offer. That’s why it works for almost every situation that calls for stealthy mobile spying. Here are some of the Minspy features we like:

Call logs: Access all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device, including contact info and time stamps. You will also see the target’s favorite contacts and deleted logs. Use this info to investigate other communication channels. 

GPS Location Tracking: Use this military-grade tracking technology to know real-time location details from the comfort of your sofa. This info is highly accurate and comes complete with addresses, coordinates, and an integrated 3D street view.

Geofence Alert: Get a notification every time the target enters or leaves predetermined areas. You can have two or more zones, and you get alerts every time they leave or enter your virtual borders. 

Facebook Messages: Minspy keeps a copy of all incoming and outgoing FB messages and sends them to your dashboard the next time the target comes online. These logs include media files, deleted messages, and other useful metrics.

Whatsapp Spy: Receive a copy of all WhatsApp messages and media files shared with your target. This feature is particularly helpful for cheating spouses and sneaky teenagers.

Stealth Mode: Hide this app on your target’s phone without them knowing. The installation wizard helps you remove the icon from the app list, leaving a fully operational spy apps working in the background. 

Track Web History: Know what websites your target visits, including dark web pages that are notoriously hard to trace. This info will help you know what the target is doing online, including any dark web adventures or adult content viewing, which is not always appropriate.

Android and iOS Apps: Use Minspy on your Android and iOS devices and get access to the data on your online dashboard. However, you will need iCloud credentials to log into an iOS device.

How to Get Started with Minspy

Getting started with Minspy is simple, you sign up for a free account, then proceed to the subscriptions page. You can choose an option that works for your situation, but we recommend going for an annual subscription. You can also opt for the one-month option that works for people with short-term goals.

After Payment

After choosing a suitable subscription, the website will redirect you to a download page. This page contains the APK you need to install in the target device. And, you have the option to download the file into your phone then send it to the target device. Alternatively, visit the download URL using the target phone for a direct download.

After the Download

With the APK in the target device, you’re ready to start the installation. However, you are bound to run into problems while trying to run the APK file.

To solve this issue, go to Settings > Screen and Security > enable “Unknown Sources,” then tap OK. This simple process works for most people, allowing them to continue with the installation. However, Google does not like third-party apps at all. And that means they may add additional roadblocks to discourage people from installing “unauthorized applications.”

If this happens to you, go to settings > Security > Google Play protect > then disable “Improve app detection” and “Scan device for security threats.” Doing this should allow you to move on with the Minspy installation. 

The installation wizard on Minspy handles the rest of the process, but it will request permissions along the way. You can accept everything it asks to ensure smooth operation. And we can confirm that Minspy will not harm the target device nor impact its function. The 2MB file works quietly in the background without raising any suspicions. 

Over to You

There you have it – a detailed and honest review of Minspy. It is one of the few options with a decent app for Android and iOS devices, with both reporting to your intuitive online dashboard. You get real-time reports of the target device when their device’s data is on, making it super convenient. Use Minspy to keep tabs on employees, children, and spouses without breaking the bank.

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