Arrest of Diana Carolina Cori Luque

Diana Carolina

The authorities identified them as Ramiro Mamani (19) and Diana Carolina Cori Luque (18). The police investigated the matter. It also pressurized the couple to know the facts. Later, the couple confessed to the crime. FIR lodged in Yunguyo Police Station. The parents went to the authorities. They wanted to communicate that their little one died of natural causes. But they raised suspicions about his behavior.

 Complaint and Police action

The child’s grandmother filed the complaint in Olga Luque Mamani. They also stated that the couple would have another two-year-old son. But they do not know the whereabouts of the latter. First, police suspected but later they confirmed the killing of the child.

A young couple suffocated their 10-month-old baby with a plastic bag. The event occurred in the Yunguyo province. They tried to justify themselves. They said that they were going through “financial problems and family lawsuits.” The couple had their luggage packed.


According to the evidence, the attacks began on April 28, 2018. And on the fourth day, the minor died of a skull fracture. Mamani and Diana Carolina Cori Luque suffocated the minor with a plastic bag and then killed him. Not content with this, they tried to flee to the city of Arequipa but the Police arrested them. They were planning to flee. But the police raided in time and arrested the accused.

The incident took place in José María Arquedas 677. When the authorities investigated, they could not manage their statements. The police found them guilty of killing the child. They believed the baby had died from blows on May 1. Since they found marks on his body that revealed violence against him.


The Court found all the evidence of the murder of her son, for evading responsibility for food help. The competent court sentenced the couple to ten years of effective imprisonment. The charges were the crime against life, body, and health as homicide, as filicide, to the detriment of his own son.

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