Health Benefits That You Can Get from Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica

Some call it the “Touch Me Not” plant, while others know it as the “shy” plant. Many are more familiar with its scientific name, Mimosa Pudica but whichever you choose to use, this wonderful herb is worth learning more about. In addition to being highly sensitive to touch, the shy plant is known to possess a wide range of properties that are beneficial to human health. This is in part of what was once native and confined in the Americas is now cultivated all around the world. Without further ado, let’s look at several health benefits you can get from Mimosa pudica.

Protection from free radical damage

Free radicals are molecules or compounds that build up in the body with time, often as byproducts of the normal metabolic process of the body. They can come from a wide variety of external sources as well, including ozone, X-rays, industrial chemicals, and air pollutants, just to name a few. What’s more important, they are damaging to the body through oxidative stress, and are the reason behind the onset of many diseases, health complications, as well as other issues such as premature aging. But science has it, that antioxidants (some vitamins and phytochemicals) are a key solution to fighting free radicals, and Mimosa pudica is a rich source of antioxidants. Even though the stems and seeds contain a considerable amount, much of the herb’s antioxidants are concentrated in the leaves. It is also rich in superoxide dismutase, a naturally occurring antioxidant in the human body, but one whose levels decline with age.

Helpful for diabetes and blood pressure

While diabetes may not have an absolute cure yet, one can lead a normal, long life if they manage to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Without this, the sufferer could easily suffer from one or more of the numerous possible complications of diabetes. In an intro to Mimosa Pudica, Lisa Cocuzza from It’s a Glam Thing says that drinking the plant juice extract can help reduce blood sugar levels while getting your blood pressure regulated. If you suffer from any of these two health issues, the plant can be overly beneficial to your health. There are many ways to prevent high blood pressure and this is an easy way to help lower it.  If you suffer from any of these two health issues, the plant can be overly beneficial to your health.


Good for your gut health

The sleepy plant can also have several benefits to your gut health. Thanks to its gut-protective properties, research has also shown that Mimosa pudica can help prevent peptic ulcers by reducing stomach acidity. Essentially, the seeds are known to help with parasite cleansing, thanks to the mucilaginous gel they form upon contact with any liquid. The gel is effective in flushing out any toxins, parasites, or waste, it comes into contact with throughout your digestive tract, which is then eliminated along with the stools due to its indigestible nature. In addition to this, mimosa has over the years been used to provide relief for indigestion and treat diarrhea.

Soothing joint pains and arthritis

Arthritis is often characterized by joint pain, inflammation, soreness, and a reduction in the range of motion. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, the shy plant can help relieve joint pain and inflammation. To make the remedy, Mimosa pudica leaves are crushed to form a paste that is then applied to the affected area and left overnight. A few days of application should reduce the welling, subside the pain, and improve the overall condition.


Microbes are minute organisms that your naked eye can’t see. These include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Although we have billions of them living on and in our bodies (especially bacteria), some strains can make us sick if they manage to breach our natural defenses. Mimosa Pudica has been shown to possess anti-microbial properties and can help in fighting certain microbes, including Klebsiella, and salmonella bacteria, mumps virus, and the yeast, Candida Albicans.

Treating cuts and wounds

In addition to anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain, Mimosa Pudica leaves also contain wound healing properties according to research. If you have a small cut or a wound simply crushing a few leaves of the touch me not plant and applying the paste directly on the affected area can help save you a trip to the infirmary.

Boost oral health

The sleeping plant can also be helpful to your smile. Traditionally, the plant’s roots were boiled in water to make a decoction that was then gargled daily to treat toothache and gum disease while improving overall oral hygiene.

We can go on and on about the herb’s health benefits… the list is endless. When it comes to health benefits, Mimosa Pudica is indeed a wonder plant. All the same, the above are just a few health benefits you can gain from the leaves, stem, roots, and seeds of the touch me not plant.

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