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How to COMPLETELY Clear a Blood Pimple

Believe it or not, fixing a blood pimple is actually pretty simple.

And why do I say this? Because I know the feeling as well as you do.

The only difference is that I figured out how to clear my blood-filled pimples overnight (for the most part).

Just imagine this, a night before you go to bed jolly excited only to wake up to the horror of a blood pimple on your face. When these things happen, you will want to know the best way to deal with them. There are plenty of solutions available .Solutions that you will be able to use with success each time, whenever you encounter a skin problem.–

Just imagine all your plans going down the drain as you drown in embarrassment and fear of showing up to see your friends with a blood pimple on your face.

Well that was yours truly.

Luckily though I found that everything, I repeat, everything has an underlying cause and once you deal with it, you can definitely overcome the issue.

Let’s look a little deeper into what this type of pimple actually is.

What Is A Blood Pimple?

What causes them is a blockage in your pores that causes the bacteria to become restricted within your skin. Bacteria accumulate under your skin from sweating, dirt or just simply not washing your face/body enough. Teenagers though experience blood pimples more commonly due to hormonal changes in their body.

Even if it’s somewhere on your body it sucks.

You can read this post I read last week if you have them on your body.

It’s just a regular people filled with blood underneath the surface (which inflames it even worse).

What Causes Blood Pimples?

Okay before we start blaming the pimple, be honest, have you been picking on your acne? Or not exfoliating your face?

Blood pimples in nature, aren’t pimples on their own.

Rather, these pimples occur as a result of constantly popping and squishing of a normal pimple.

I know the feeling can be tempting but because you exert force on the skin near the pimple, it not only propels out the puss but also brings about the blood beneath up to the surface.

But we’ve all been there.

We’ve all done that- squishing our pimples knowing we SHOULDN’T as if inviting Freddy Kruger from our nightmares to our lives.

But like I said before, it has a solution.

Some people like Seppo Pusa from Acneeinstein believe that a lack of antioxidants is the cause like this article shows.

Anyway though, let’s continue,

How To Fix A Blood Pimple

I struggled with pimples all my life until it hit me – there was definitely something wrong that I was doing.

And thereafter, I came up with these awesome solutions to solving my pimple crisis and I was a new person entirely!

Steps to Clear It

Okay so we talked about what causes pimples, right?

Step 1.

The bacteria need to be expunged and then treated. So you must first wash your hands with an anti-bacterial hand wash.

This will rid your hands of any dirt or pollution that might provide bacteria with an ideal environment to grow.

Bacteria are contagious and can transfer from your hands to your face.

Step 2.

Next thing next, wash your face.

Whether you’ve been out for a while or sweated a lot because you’re engaged in a rigorous physical exercise, the external pollution settles in your pores and causes blockage from fresh air to reach underneath your skin.

This doesn’t just go for blood pimples, whether its any type of acne this is important.

Here’s something to read if your dealing with acne on your face in general.

The bacteria from dirt grow and cause these lumps and bumps to occur, resulting in pimples.

So it is essential to clean your face thoroughly.

You can wash it with a face cleanser or alcohol patches.

Step 3.

Now we’re ready to get down to business- the real business.

Squeeze out the blood from your blood pimple.

Here’s a full post on squeezing pimples if you want to go into detail – but it’s not that complicated (you just squeeze and press).

Sound silly?

It’s not.

By squeezing out the blood, you will actually empty the load inside the pimple which has caused the bump in the first place.

Step 4.

The next step in the whole process I walk you to is exfoliation.

All you have to do is Mariyam from recommends to gently, softly exfoliate your skin with cold water.

Cold water works effectively in numbing the sensations and clearing your skin of any leftover bacteria.

Top it off by tenderly rubbing ice on the impacted area to numb any painful sensation.

Step 5.

Once you have excreted out the substance- puss and blood- that clogs the pores in your skin resulting in pimples, you can finally use anti-bacterial and other creams.

Some of the most recommended ones are creams that contain Vitamin A.

Vitamin A works effectively in preventing pore clogging and keeping the treated area protected.

Step 6.

You can also use anti-bacterial creams in order to prevent bacterial growth again on the affected area.

This will steer the bacteria clear of growing and developing on the already vulnerable area again.

Step 7.

As an impromptu, always make sure to use an oil-free moisturizer on the impacted area.

Oil collects and blocks the pores but you definitely need to keep the area moisturized and hydrated.

So make sure to use an oil-free moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and happy.

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