Beginners Guide to Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

Gaming is the best friend for many kids and even for grown-ups. It has evolved through decades, from Video games, which initiated and popularized in public porticoes. Game lovers spent hours playing vintage video games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and more on a big bulky standing machine with a built-in joystick and CRT monitors.Later, the gaming consoles were born, grown, and took over! They helped gamers to play their favorite games at home, resting in chairs peacefully. The first generation of popular consoles were Atari 2600 and Nintendo. They were basic consoles.

Today, the consoles are embedded with stunning features like 4k – Ultra HD output & VR adaptive capabilities, compatible with popular OTT streaming services and game libraries.

We, in this article, discuss how video games are classified, parameters you should look into while purchasing a best video gaming console.

Types of Video Games

Everyone isn’t the same. Likes and dislikes are different from person to person, and so the video games. The best video game is the one that you love to play the most. Video Games are of different genres such as:

  • Action,
  • Adventure,
  • Action-adventure,
  • Racing,
  • Role-play,
  • Simulation,
  • Strategy and more.

Nowadays, games are coming with multiple genres, which include more than one genre. First, decide which genre you like to play. It’s so simple to buy a gaming console, but you may finally end up wasting money and disappointment in addition.

Best gaming consoles 2021

These are the famous and gaming consoles worldwide:

  • Play Station 4 Pro:
  • XBOX One S:
  • Play Station 5:
  • Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle (1TB)
  • Nintendo Switch:
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL:

Factors you should consider while buying a Gaming Console

You got to be wise and knowledgeable while choosing a gaming console. Try playing games on your friends’ consoles. Find where your interest lies in, which genres, and which consoles have the popular games of that genre. Go for that console and buy it. And also know the Best Gaming Stocks to Invest in video game stocks


Selecting a gaming platform among the consoles like PlayStation, XBOX, and others is always tricky as each of them has its exclusivity. No gaming console is compatible with all games. Many developers are being particular and design only for selected platforms. List your favorite game(s) or the genres, choose a compatible platform, and have most of them.

Hardcore and Softcore gaming

Serious gaming fanatics, also termed hard-core gamers, always crave for latest features like VR capability, 4K resolution, and U-HDTVs. If you are a hard-core fanatic, then Play Station 4 (PS 4) pro, XBOX One X are the go-to choices. For kids and families, who usually tend to be Softcore gamers, they are suggested to go with simpler or light consoles such as Nintendo 2DS XL and play it using gaming keyboards.


If you travel frequently and would never like to give a break for playing in your way, and wish to make it our travel partner, then portable gaming consoles such as New Nintendo 2DS are the solution.

Special Features

Gamers nowadays are demanding multitasking gaming consoles, and the consoles do so. Gaming companies have upgraded older versions of the consoles with updated and stunning new features. Buy that gaming console with all or at least many of the required features you expect or demand.

Cost & Bundle Values

Planning your budget before buying a console is important. Gaming consoles aren’t free of cost. They demand deep pockets. The costs you incur for a gaming console and the games, their peripherals, and online gaming, every aspect demand money. It would help if you were wiser in making purchase decisions. Buying the games in bundles can reduce the costs effectively. Usually, any gaming console along with bundles of games is sold between 200$ to 300$.

There are various sites, which offer great deals and discounts on video games and bundles. You can expect great discounts on gaming consoles and video games individually or in bundles.

Other factors

Factors such as Storage capacity, online services, Media support, OTT compatibility, backward compatibility are also key factors to consider before buying a gaming console.

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