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5 Catchy Trends in Digital Illustration in 2021

Digital illustration has changed a lot over the past year. We are witnessing the emergence of new trends in digital illustration in 2021. At the same time, some of the amazing old-school illustration trends are coming back, making modern illustration designs even more stunning. Digital illustration maintains its position as a visual aid for a variety of purposes. Websites and landing pages, magazines and newsletters, mobile apps, social media pages and posts, posters, and banners are a large part of the resource where digital illustrations are widely used and appreciated for their diversity, flexibility, and originality. Our experts prepared a quick overview of the top 5 catchy trends in digital illustration in 2021. Get inspired!

3D Art

Like 2020, 2021 will give us a perfect chance to dive into the world of 3D illustration and design. 3D art gives depth and realism where it’s needed, allows designers to step beyond the limits of two dimensions, and sets solid connections to the objects of the physical world. As three-dimensional shapes are now in the spotlight, big companies are willing to create stunning 3D images for their advertising and marketing campaigns. Many brands consider 3D illustration to be the best option because it helps the brand to look more attractive and innovative. In other words, the futuristic feel of 3D illustrations makes the brand stand out on the web.

The 3D design has certainly made the most of modern technological advances and software capabilities. Along with that, it’s predicted that 3D visuals will be incredibly effective, not only as a secondary element but also dominating the entire page. We’ll see how this resource applies to objects, photography, and product design, adding depth, texture, colors, and shapes realistically, giving each design a touch of originality. The popular trend of combining photographic images with illustrative elements is also affecting 3D. Modern designers combine 3D design with photos and flat illustrations, add motion and animation. In this article, you can learn more about the importance of illustration in advertising.

Geometric Motifs

Nothing seems to be more harmonious and clear to the human eye than geometric shapes and patterns. This year, geometry has continued to establish itself as an integral part of digital art, and geometric motifs are present in a variety of styles and approaches. Deeply rooted in academic drawing, geometric shapes of all kinds fill the digital artworks with abstract vibes, and add visual harmony. Geometric illustrations are a manifestation of a world broken down into simple shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and so on. Geometric illustrations can be used to create striking visual effects that are both simple and elegant.

This illustration trend, featuring classic geometric shapes with an abstract slant, encourages designers and artists to experiment with different forms, colors, patterns, and textures. A relative of abstract futurism and organized chaos – the two main graphic design trends for 2021 – geometric abstract illustrations combine the methodical nature of geometry with the boundless chaos of abstract art.

Minimalist Illustration

The minimalist trend in digital illustration is perfect for artists who prefer a clean and uncluttered aesthetic. The language of illustrations is universal, so having clean and simple illustrations is an essential tool for communicating your message clearly and effectively.

Featuring simple lines, and neutral color palette, flat design, and sketchy illustrations, more and more designers are getting rid of unnecessary design elements and returning their work to the basics with simple 2D drawings. With an emphasis on simple lines, sparse or neutral colors, and basic textures, the basic idea behind the minimalist illustration is to say more while showing less. We just remove everything that is considered unnecessary and excessive and leave only the essentials in a minimalist design.

Line Art

Line art is one of the biggest trends to take over the design world this year. Combining the simplicity of minimalism with the charm of hand-drawn illustrations, line art is perfect for conveying any subject or mood in a simple yet abstract way. Line illustrations can be very sophisticated with strokes that have varying weights, sharp edges, or rounded corners. Many brands prefer them for their expressive nature.

Often with flowing, curved lines inspired by human figures, faces, and other natural elements, line art incorporates simple lines, negative space, and splashes of color for truly beautiful and elegant results. Line art has become super popular on the Internet and can be done quickly and easily. This trend is perfect for illustrators looking to create stunning designs in no time.

Uniqueness and originality have always been appreciated by people. Thus, line drawing often appears among the most popular 2021 illustration trends available on the web.

Animated Illustrations

In 2021, we can see the increasing popularity of GIFs and animated illustrations. Animation makes illustrations funnier and is often associated with cartoons. It’s widely known that video is the most engaging form of online content, so it’s not surprising that animation has quickly become one of the hottest trends in digital illustration over the past year.

Appearing in everything from advertisements to social media posts and websites, the animation is incredibly versatile and can be used in many different ways. Whether it’s adding a little emphasis to your stationery design or website, or creating a long video including animation in your creative projects, your viewers will appreciate it. There is another popular trend: animating some details of a static illustration instead of making everything move. By animating just a few details, designers draw viewer’s attention to specific elements or areas, allowing them to concentrate on something significant, and making illustrations more lively and dynamic.

Digital illustration trends in 2021 are rich and diverse, adapting to global challenges faster and better than ever before. The latest trends move towards depth and reality, as well as fun and simplicity. We have outlined some of the most amazing and significant modern trends in digital illustration. Hope they will inspire you to create even more incredible artworks in 2021.

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