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Getting Started with PDFBear: Properly Add Watermark To Your PDF File

Getting Started with PDFBear: When you are using online documents such as PDF files, you might encounter some instances when you are having difficulties handling your documents, especially with PDF files, as this document format has restrictions that give you limitations in configuring your document to your satisfaction.

Suppose that you want to configure your PDF files. You can use an online tool designed to answer different needs when it comes to your PDF files. An online tool platform such as PDFBear is an excellent help in dealing with most of the difficulties in your documents. You can also find different kinds of online tools that can match your needs for your documents.

This article can be your starting point in learning how you can handle your online documents better. Then, you can get to know the platform of PDFBear better and use it for your daily document activities. Suppose that you have no idea about their platform. Here is an example of how to utilize an online tool for your document.

Add Watermark to PDF

The platform of PDBear allows you to use a diverse list of online tools that you may need for your documents. Every online tool has a distinct function that enables you to configure your PDF files. In addition, most of the conversion process can quickly be done even by beginners, which is an advantage for every user.

The Add Watermark to PDF is an excellent example of an online tool that most individuals use. It allows you to put a text or image for your PDF file. This can help you take ownership of the PDF files and avoid getting produced elsewhere. Hence, putting a watermark on your PDF file can be advantageous, especially on today’s internet, where the security system is weak.

How to Add Watermark to Your PDF File

Suppose that it is your first time converting your PDF file. You can convert your PDF files within a few clicks and follow these four simple steps. Make sure to follow the steps correctly, and you are good to go. Here is how you can effectively convert your PDF file using PDFBear.

  1. Upload your document by selecting or dragging and dropping it to their system. You can choose any two options as long as your document can be uploaded into their system.
  2. Once step one is complete, you can now add your watermark to your PDF file. You can choose whether you want to use a text or an image for your watermark. Suppose that you want to use an image. You can upload the image that you want to use as your watermark.
  3. Suppose that you are done putting the watermark into your PDF file. You can now change the location of your watermark to your specific requirement. Once you are satisfied, you can select apply changes and proceed to the last step.
  4. The final step is transferring your new PDF file into the storage place you want. You can choose your device storage or online storage. Most of the online tools available from PDFBear also allow you to share your newly converted document with your favored recipient.

Everything is Available for Free

Suppose that you are asking yourself how much is the registration fee for their platform. The answer to that question is everything is available for free. Yes! You can use any online tools that you want for your online documents. Most of the features that give you convenience in converting are also available for everyone.

However, they are also offering a premium type of service available for people with more professional needs. The premium subscription allows users to have limitless conversion and more superb features for their conversions. You can check and try their premium service first hand with their seven-day free trial.


PDFBear is proud to offer its platform the flexibility to be compatible with most media. All you need to have is an internet connection, and you are good to go. You can visit their website using your preferred browser. It is also possible to use any device as long as you can connect to the internet.


Suppose that you are dealing with an online document difficulty. No matter how big or small it is. You can count on PDFBear to help you solve your problems quickly. You may also find some features or online tools from their platform that you might benefit from and handle your documents better.

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