Best Fabric Material for Your Skylight Covers

You sometimes feel to just lie down and enjoy the warmth of the sunlight entering through your skylight but only during winters. In the summertime, this sunlight becomes too harsh to tolerate and you feel to get rid of it at any cost. So the only solution is to use the right cover to guard your skylight and prevent the sunlight from entering your room when you do not need it. Besides providing a guard against the sunlight it will also act as a temperature regulator and keep the room warm in winters and cool in summers

Skylight covers are available in many shapes and sizes so it becomes very important for you to choose the one that best fits your requirements. You must better take the measurements of the skylight for which you want to get a cover. There are also some other things to consider such as the location of the skylight, angle of the light fall, privacy needs, etc. Skylight covers are made of various materials.

In this article, we will see what fabrics are the best for making skylight covers.

Insulation Fabric

The insulation fabric helps you to control the temperature inside the room by reflecting away the light. Insulation fabrics are generally of two types- light fabric and multi-layered fabric. Light skylight covers reflect the sunlight in a better way. The multi-layered fabric covers act as a heat insulator.

Cellular Fabric

Cellular fabric skylight covers consist of numerous cellular pockets between the layers allowing it to prevent the heat from escaping out during winters. These covers are great at the time of winter evening.

Minimalistic Fabric

If you want a skylight cover that does not attract much attention then you can go for minimalistic fabric covers. It will work much better if you select a cover that has the same color as your ceiling. 

Synthetic Fabric

If you are searching for skylight covers for areas like the bathroom then synthetic covers are the best option. Such covers are generally made of PVC. PVC is extremely effective against sunlight and they are also known for their rigidity. The skylight cover has to withstand extreme heat and moisture and so using natural fabrics in such cases won’t be much effective. According to uni-bell, PVC remains unharmed by the harmful effects of the UV radiation from the sun.  

Natural Fabric

If you want to keep the air inside your room fresh then the natural fabric is a great option to choose, only if your skylight cover will not be exposed to prolonged and constant moisture. Besides helping you to keep the temperature under control, natural fabrics are also eco-friendly in mature. Depending upon your level of privacy, room-darkening, opacity, and light filtration you want inside the room, you can choose between light-filtering and blackout fabrics. 


That’s it. These are some of the prominent fabrics which are used for making skylight covers. In short, skylights are of great use especially if you have the right kind of cover for covering them up. 

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