Are MacBooks a Good Choice for Remote Work ?

Remote Work

Working remotely has become a norm for quite a few because of the pandemic. While the situation is improving, it is still too early to tell when people can return to their offices and restore the status quo. Moreover, after seeing the benefits of remote work, some employees are likely to remain at home and not bother with work commutes.

If you want to work from home, you will need a reliable computer. Perhaps your employer can allow you to take one from the office or give you money and let you decide? Regardless, having multiple available options makes it difficult to pick a computer for work.

These days, MacBooks are a popular pick, but are they the right thing for you? Let’s take a look at what Macs have to offer for remote workers.

Available Features

Looking at the available features, there are quite a few things to consider. Since you are looking for a work computer, keep in mind that some applications might not run on macOS because they are not compatible with the operating system.

Switching from Windows to macOS sometimes means needing to find an alternative. However, the official Apple store has a plethora of available applications that cover multiple industries, so finding one for yourself should not be an issue. Besides, there are third-party sites you can consider checking.

Now, as for the overall performance, Macs might have inferior hardware compared to some of the most expensive Windows laptops or custom-built PCs, but you should not notice issues so long as you maintain the computer in good condition. For example, you want to clean the dust inside the MacBook regularly.

Carrying the laptop around is also great. It weighs little, and you should find it easy to use in different locations around the house. Traveling with a Mac should not be an issue either.

You can also expect a decent package of built-in tools, such as iMovie, Time Machine, and GarageBand, that will further improve your experience using the MacBook.

Potential Problems

Remote Work


As far as potential problems go, Macs are not as prone to certain issues. It is to be expected when you consider how much you are paying for a brand-new model, but one also has to remember that MacBooks are computers, and some performance issues are to be expected.

It helps a lot if you take proper care of the MacBook, but no hardware is going to last forever. Avoiding overheating and loud fan noises is possible if you clean the dust inside, apply thermal paste when necessary, and avoid running too many resource-heavy applications.

If you notice that there is too much clutter in the drive and your Mac is running out of free space, remove temporary system storage, redundant localization files, duplicates, and other junk. Also, keep in mind that you can use external storage.

MacBook users also need to update macOS regularly, but they do not know what to do when the download gets stuck. The most recent Big Sur update is known to cause some issues while trying to download and install it. There should not be compatibility problems, and the issue usually comes down to a lack of free disk storage.

Overall, if you are smart about using the MacBook, you should not encounter problems or encounter them infrequently.

Comparison to Other Laptops and Desktop Computers

Having a Mac means that you do not have to worry about portability as you would with desktop computers. While PCs have better hardware, they are not necessarily a better choice for work. Sure, some people need hardware to run resource-heavy software when they are editing high-quality videos and whatnot, but overpaying for a computer is not recommended.

At the end of the day, you should focus on work, and a Mac covers virtually everything that an average person needs.

Other than desktop computers, Macs are not that bad when you compare them to other laptops. Of course, a lot comes down to price. The more you pay, the better the hardware.

One disadvantage of MacBooks is that hardware upgrades are not a thing unless you have a compatible model. In some instances, adding extra RAM or replacing a hard drive with a solid-state drive is a possibility. At the same time, such upgrades are quite expensive and not always worth it.

Take some time to research available options. You should realize that Mac is a solid option for its price. And keep in mind that if you have been using Windows before, transitioning from Windows to macOS will take a while. And once you are familiar with the UI, you should not have issues using a MacBook. If anything, you are likely to fall in love and not go back to another operating system.

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