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What is Vlone and How this Fashion Brand Started

VLONE Fashion Brand

It all began in Harlem’s streets in 2013, when a group of multi-talented people including musicians, fashion designers, rappers and singers shared the same philosophy of fashion and music. They formed ASAP MOB and launched Vlone clothing, a street fashion brand. ASAP members began wearing the clothing and quickly made it popular on social media.

Who created Vlone?

If we ask the question “Who made Vlone?” the first thing that comes to mind is ASAP MOB, a hip-hop group. Vlone brand clothing is the most popular among many ASAP mob clothing lines. Jabari Shelton is the founder of Vlone ASAP MOB. He also founded ASAP Rocky and Edison.

ASAP Bari explained that Vlone is all about teamwork. No one is better than another and everyone contributes. Bari was the original head of this brand, and he expanded it further with Edison Chen’s help, the designer for the Vlone clothing line. ASAP Rocky, a rapper and member of the Asap mob, helped to increase brand recognition during 2014, when he teased brands with t-shirts on his tours.

Meaning of Vlone

Vlone is more than a brand. It’s a way of life: “Live alone, die alone.”

“We are born alone, we live alone, and we die alone. Only our friendship and love can make us feel that we are not alone.

Vlone is defined as “you live alone, but you die alone.” This lifestyle can be summarized in a single sentence. Vlone is the idea of its creators, their lifestyle, thinking and culture. The inspiration for this brand is Harlem’s freestyle fashion, where Rocky and Bari come from. Bari said, “What I do it is taking Harlem to bring it elsewhere.”

What is Vlone clothing?

ASAP Bari and Rocky’s t-shirts, sweatshirts and headwear have been branded with the elongated V.

Bari states, “I am not streetwear.” I’m not in high fashion. I am hood fashion. “I do my shutting’ for the hood niggas.”

ASAP Rocky Vlone released a music video in 2014. Until then, their products were limited to hoodies and vlone shirts. In a pop-up store, they introduced streetwear clothing to Paris Fashion Week. This was a big hit with youth and hip-hop stars. Through Rocky’s inspiration, streetwear became more popular. A pop-up was also held in Los Angeles, where they presented limited Vlone clothing. This attracted skateboarders and other streetwear enthusiasts.

Nike & OFF-WHITE Collaborations

They collaborated with OFF WHITE, Nike and other brands in 2016. This was a major achievement towards their success. The OFF-WHITE VLONE collection features Vlone orange and Vlone black suits, long sleeves pullovers and track pants with a signature orange and black color combination.

They announced camo stock, vlone pants and Vlone hoodie with Vlone visible log printed on it, as well as shirts and tees featuring orange letters “FRIENDS”, written across the front. Vlone X OFFWHITE was also launched at this show.

Vlone, in the urban dictionary fashion, means to live alone and be alone. This shirt was a symbol of the young people who were inspired by the one-thug clothing shirt. ASAP rocky hoodies became very popular, which include shirt, hoodies, and work jacket.

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