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Ultra speed: how to become a top sim racer

Sim racing has to be one of the most exhilarating technological advancements of the past 10 years. The thrill of partaking in a race that is akin to the real thing is unlike anything that came before it. What’s more, it helps professional drivers improve their craft and hone their skills before race time.

But, how do you become a top sim racer? What skills do you need to develop when you get in that NASCAR or F1 racing simulator cockpit?

Let’s take a look at some of those skills below…

  • Field of view is the ticket to victory

Setting up the right field of view is one of the most important things you can do to improve your own racing skills. Why? Because the correct field of view will help you see so much more of the track as well as know exactly where you are on the track, ensuring you can take on other drivers, kerbs and corners with a more efficient approach.

If you feel you’re not positioned the same way in your sim racer as you would be in an actual vehicle then it’s time to readjust your position – you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

  • Trail braking is key   

When we were kids, playing Mario Kart, arcade racing or taking laps at the go-karting course, we always thought one thing: constant speed is the only way to win a race.

But why do you see pro drivers using their brakes so efficiently and with such vigour? Because they’re trail braking, and this is the way to maintain a consistent speed throughout the entire race.

Essentially, you have to brake when you come into the corner, as this will allow you to keep it stable and therefore maintain a greater speed throughout the turn. Mastering trail braking is one of the fundamentals of sim racing and real-life racing – don’t skip this part of practise!

  • Download the right setups

Each racing simulator comes with its own default setup. This is normal, as each sim has to have a default setup to run with, right? But, unfortunately, these setups can make your car totally ineffective on select courses.

In fact, these defaults are designed to keep your car stable but aren’t effective for picking up that much-needed pace to win the race. So, be sure to download the right setup to take on specific courses regardless of what racing format you find yourself in.

There are plenty of resources and a wide community of racers who are there to help you find the right car/track combo for each race. This is key to being prepared when you hit the track, as imagine being the only racer who hasn’t set their vehicle up to match its specs – you’re setting yourself up for a loss no matter how good a driver you are.

  • Get rid of the assists

Assists are a pretty nonsense part of sim racing that any proper racer should avoid. Sure, they can help you win races and improve your confidence, but sim racing technology should be as real and lifelike as possible.

Think about it: the pro drivers of the world don’t have virtual assists on-hand to help them win races, and they’re the very best there is. Therefore, to become the very best sim driver out there you have to avoid the ease of assists – it’s like playing FIFA on “easy” level your whole life and expecting to win a pro tournament – it’s not going to happen!

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