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What are the most useful forklift truck attachments?

Forklift truck are the backbone of many workplaces. They can lift and move large loads around warehouses and construction sites and work safely in tight and narrow spaces.

However, without the correct attachments, some loads would be impossible to move. Keep reading to take an in-depth look at some of the most useful forklift truck attachments and help you make the right choice for your workplace.

Why are forklift truck attachments important?

Unfortunately, many workplaces tend to overlook the attachment on their forklift, which can lead to poorly planned operations and potential damage to goods or, worse still, injury to employees. But doing a little research and choosing the correct attachment type for your application can lead to safer handling, reduce the risk of product damage and personal injuries and increase productivity.

What are the different types of attachments?

Side shifter

This is one of the most common attachment types. It allows the driver to move a load from side to side, making small adjustments to the alignment of the pallet without manoeuvring the entire forklift.

It can improve space utilisation within your workplace, as well as reduce the amount of fuel used. It also allows faster loading of a pallet compared with other attachment types.

Fork positioner

This attachment allows forklift forks to be positioned hydraulically. It is particularly useful when the width of the load changes constantly, allowing the operator to align forks with pallets faster for more effective handling and improved productivity. It also reduces any potential damage to goods as there is no need for the manual adjustment of forks.

Fork extensions

Fork extension sleeves are designed to provide a simple, but effective method of handling the occasional long and awkward load that extends past the tips of the parent fork arm. This offers stability and the safe handling of awkward loads, as well as retaining the truck’s manoeuvrability in its normal operating conditions.


An extremely useful attachment, the rotator allows you to rotate the forks 360° in a revolving motion safely and efficiently when moving loads. Best used for inverting and dumping loads, it helps to improve productivity and greatly limit downtime.

The rotator is a popular attachment in the agriculture, and waste/recycling industries.


Designed with maximum efficiency in mind, these attachments are commonly used in the oil, fuel, paper and printing handling industries and are suitable for different types of forklifts. They operate by gripping the item to be moved between two arms and reduce the risk of damage to rolls, drums, bales and other important stock.


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