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Soulja Boy is an American rapper, record maker, entertainer, and business person who has a total assets of $30 million. He had a huge hit with his introduction single in September 2007. “Wrench That (Soulja Boy)” topped at number one on the diagrams. The single was a main hit in the United States for seven non-continuous weeks beginning in September 2007.

Soulja Boy Early Life

Soulja Boy was conceived DeAndre Cortez Way on July 28, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois. At the point when he was six, his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he became intrigued by rap music. At the point when he was 14, he moved to Batesville, Mississippi. His dad made a recording studio in the family home to urge his child to chip away at his music. In November 2005, Soulja Boy posted his tunes on the site SoundClick. They got positive audits and he opened records on YouTube and MySpace. In March 2007, he recorded “Wrench That (Soulja Boy)’ and delivered his first free collection, “Unsigned and Still Major: Da Album Before da Album.” He likewise made a low spending plan video to grandstand the “Wrench That” dance. Before the finish of May 2007, “Wrench That (Soulja Boy) had been played on the radio and he marked an arrangement with Interscope Records. By September 2007, “Wrench That” was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed there for seven back to back weeks. The tune additionally proceeded to procure Soulja a Grammy designation.

In October of 2007, his first major-mark collection “Souljaboytellem.com” was delivered and arrived at number four on the U.S. Board 200 and has since been affirmed platinum by the RIAA. After fourteen months, he delivered his subsequent collection, “¡SouljaBoyTellem.”

He delivered his third studio collection, “The DeAndre Way,” in 2010. His fourth studio collection, “Dependability,” was delivered in 2015. Soulja Boy has teamed up with a few other hip-jump craftsmen like Gucci Mane, Sammie, Shawty Lo, and Arab. His fifth studio collection, “How Might You Blame Me?,” was delivered in 2019.

Record Label

Way established his record name Stacks on Deck Entertainment (SODMG) in 2004, while Way was endorsed to Interscope. Since establishing the name he marked different specialists. On May 30, 2016, Way declared that all specialists endorsed to SODMG had been dropped. In 2019 Way re-marked Lil 100, and marked Atlanta craftsman 24hr.


Back toward the beginning of February 2009, Soulja Boy tested rapper Bow Wow to a race in their costly games vehicles. The two rappers drove Lamborghinis at that point. To toss fuel on the fire of their contention, Soulja Boy guaranteed Bow Wow’s vehicle was leased. Bow Wow demonstrated he claimed his vehicle and a Twitter quarrel around the issue emerged. Inside only days, the two rappers sent diss tunes to one another. Soulja Boy sent Bow Wow “F*ck Bow Wow.” Bow Wow sent Soulja Boy “My opinion About You.” Both rappers in the end settled their distinction and in 2016, delivered a shared mixtape called “Uninformed Shit.”


In mid-April 2013, Soulja Boy took to Facebook to give a few demise dangers to rapper Chief Keef. Soulja Boy posted Keef’s telephone number and requested that fans call Keef and let him in on Soulja Boy was coming for himself and he was outfitted with a firearm. Soulja Boy continued to post and in the end Keef let him know he was in London. Soulja Boy asserted that his online media records and email were hacked and he had not sent any of those messages. The two have since settled their disparities.

Legal Issues

On October 7, 2009, Way was captured in Atlanta, Georgia, on one count of obstacle, an offense, for running from police when he’d been requested to stop while recording a video in an unwanted house. The rapper was delivered on a $550 bond.

Personal Life

In June 2008, on DJ Cisco’s Urban Legend mixtape, incredible rapper Ice-T told Way to “eat a dick” and reprimanded Way for “killing hip-bounce” and his tune “Wrench That” for being “trash” contrasted with crafted by other hip-jump specialists like Rakim, Das EFX, Big Daddy Kane and Ice Cube. The two then, at that point, exchanged recordings to and fro over the Internet. Kanye West protected Way by contending that the more youthful craftsman made a new, unique work for hip-bounce. The fight was spoofed in a 2010 scene of The Boondocks.

On December 30, 2008, Way was burglarized and beaten in his home. The primary reports from the scene said that the burglars were six covered men with AK-47s. Notwithstanding, the day after the episode, a video surfaced on the web of two covered men asserting sole credit for the wrongdoing. In January 2009, Soulja Boy depicted the night to MTV News. He said got back home extremely late around evening time after a collection discharge party and was recording melodies with companions when the burglars entered his home with their firearms pointed at them. He asserted the burglars broke down the entryway and pointed an AK-47 at his companion’s head.

The evening of March 22, 2011, Way’s more youthful sibling, Deion Jenkins, was killed in a fender bender.

In 2020, Soulja Boy had all of his face tattoos eliminated with the goal that he could change into jobs in film and TV. He got his first face tattoo when he was 16, much to his mom’s objection. He’s been looking at having them taken out starting around 2016. He would not like to be pigeonholed as a hoodlum or street pharmacist in acting jobs and feels he would be in the event that he kept them.

Salary Highlights

In 2012 alone, Soulja Boy procured more than $7 million which was sufficient for Forbes to name him one of the Hip Hop Cash Kings for the year.

Real Land

Soulja Boy claims a home in Agoura Hills, California, right outside of Los Angeles. He once in the past possessed a home in McDonough, Georgia outside of Atlanta. He sold that property in 2010.

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