Getting active: awesome outdoor activities in Melbourne for people living in a wheelchair


Many able-bodied people think that people in a wheelchair are restricted to certain activities – this is simply not the case! If you’ve ever watched the Paralympics you will see that many of the events that take place in the Olympics are also competed by wheelchair athletes.

Therefore, it goes without saying that there are plenty of outdoor activities that people in a wheelchair can enjoy like anyone else. Melbourne is on the verge of opening up, and there are plenty of activities that staff in disability services Melbourne can provide for their clients.

Here are some awesome Melbourne experiences you can take a person living in a wheelchair to.

The National Gallery of Victoria

Everyone is super excited for the return of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). We’ve almost gone a whole year without the invigorating arts and culture this wondrous institution brings to our city, not to mention missing out on most of the Impressionists exhibition that ran in the middle of the year!

What’s more, it’s an entirely accessible place that provides a stimulating artistic experience – something that has been largely lacking in this year’s lockdowns!

The Boxing Day Test

The Boxing Day Test, between Australia and England, is one of the world’s most exciting sporting events, and the perfect way to enjoy some summer sun and sport at one of the world’s greatest stadiums in the MCG. Wheelchair seating is available in every stand at the MCG, making it an amazingly accessible stadium and the perfect place to enjoy some fun in a great atmosphere after the dreariness of 2021!

The Australian Open

Melbourne is set to reclaim its status as the world’s sporting capital once we open up, and you know that means the Australian Open will be rolling into town not long after the fun of the Boxing Day Test. The Australian Open and its arenas also have plenty of wheelchair accessible bays that provide great viewing of this joyous spectacle, making it another fun-filled sporting adventure to add to the outdoor calendar.

Playing outdoor sports

There are so many sports that people living in a wheelchair can play: tennis, basketball, basketball, rugby, AFL, cricket, baseball – the list goes on! Given that Melbourne is a sports-mad city, there is nothing better than getting down to the local cricket nets, tennis courts or basketball ring for a bit of healthy competition – and what better time than when the sun comes out and the city opens up again?

Sidney Myer Free Concerts

The Sidney Myer Music Bowl will be back in early 2022 with its free classical music soirees, and we really cannot wait to get back out to them! With what are sure to be three amazing classic music shows taking place throughout February, and plenty of wheelchair accessibility, this will be a truly uplifting series in such a beautiful setting.


Melbourne summers can get pretty toasty – we all know this. There is nothing better on a hot Melbourne arvo than getting out for a dip in the home or local pool, and this is an activity that is highly accessible to people living in a wheelchair. There are plenty of swimming aids available for people living in a wheelchair that make swimming a healthy and awesome exercise.

We can’t wait for what is sure to be an exciting Melbourne summer of sport, events and general fun, and with these awesome wheelchair accessible activities occurring they are sure to be fun for everyone!

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