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How To Clean Blinds Naturally, Without Harsh Chemicals

Spring season is in the air and the joy of new life is all over the place. With the approaching spring also comes its fair share of cleaning, a time where the grime and dust gathered in the winters is swept out and fresh air enters the house. Though many of us remember to clean our windows regularly, we usually forget about cleaning our window blinds. One task that nobody enjoys is cleaning the window blinds. It is annoyingly time-consuming and as there are various unique categories of blinds, it will be difficult to know whether you are doing it correctly. Cleaning the blinds regularly keeps them looking new and working smoothly. However, this is a task that many will try to avoid. The secret is to prevent grime and dust from building up over a period of time, developing a layer that is difficult to remove. When it comes to keeping window blinds clean, prevention is the best tool, so make it part of your regular weekly house cleaning.

How To Clean Faux-Wood Blinds

These blinds are one of the most well-known window treatments in this modern era. Faux-wood blinds also attract a lot of grime and dust. If your faux-wood blinds have turned dusty, then use a vacuum with a dust brush attachment which makes cleaning the blinds a breeze. The blinds should be shut all the way, the first side should be vacuum cleaned. Then, the blinds should be turned the other way around and vacuum cleaned on another side. Ensure that the vacuum’s suction is on its lightest setting so you don’t warp the slats accidentally.

Faux-wood blinds present in the kitchen often gather some dirt and grease along with dust, which needs a little more cleaning. This is where natural white vinegar will turn out to be your savior. Fill a small bowl with one part of vinegar and one part of water and mix it well. Then, take a tidy sock and dip it in the solution. Now, turn the blinds and wipe them clean on the first side. The blinds should then be turned the other way around and cleaned on the second side. The vinegar takes off the grime and grease effectively while retaining the fresh look of your blinds without requiring the use of any harsh chemicals.

How To Clean Wood Blinds

Many wooden blinds are treated with a unique finish to fight off stain and dirt. Wooden blinds can be cleaned using a clean sock and a top-quality furniture polish. The furniture polish should be sprayed on the sock and every single slat should then be wiped separately ensuring to avoid the touching of cords. If deeper cleaning is needed, then normal water can be used. However, ensure that you don’t saturate the wood by wiping off any excess water immediately to avoid unsightly discoloration or warping.

How To Clean Vinyl or Aluminum Mini Blinds

These blinds can be cleaned with dusting and washing using a cloth. But, this would consume much of your time in the case of greasy grime along with dust. In such a case, take down one set of blinds at a time. Soak them in a bathtub with little dish soap. Clean both sides of the slats with a soft sponge. Now, empty the dirty water from the bathtub and refill it with clean water for rinsing the blinds. Ensure to rinse away all the soap suds to prevent any spots. Now, lay the blinds gently on the top of few dry towels to soak up some of the remaining water. Then, the blinds should be hung back to let them dry entirely with your windows kept opened. After your vinyl or aluminum mini blinds are clean, they can be treated using a dusting spray to avoid any collection of dirt and dust on them in the future.

How To Clean Vertical Blinds

Cleaning of vertical blinds is similar to cleaning of the blinds listed above, based on whether they are vinyl or fabric. A lint roller would be more helpful in rolling over vertical blinds easily removing cobwebs and dust along the way. Once you have cleaned the vertical blinds, they can be kept looking new and clean by vacuum cleaning and dusting around your house regularly.

How To Clean Fabric Blinds

For cleaning and dusting fabric blinds, the dust brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner can be used on a low setting to vacuum and wipe away any dust. This can also be done using a hairdryer that is set to cool by using it to blow away cobwebs, bugs, or trapped dirt. Any existing grime or stains on the fabric blinds can be removed with a sponge dampened with warm, soapy water. A gentle soap can also be used to avoid ruining the cloth. Simply blot the area as required, however, be careful enough not to oversaturate. Ensure to dry the fabric blinds completely before opening them.

Bottom Line

Waking up to morning sunlight entering your room through the window blinds is a great way of starting your day. However, this lovely moment instantly fades when dust from the window blinds goes into your nostrils. After a certain point of time, window blinds tend to get discolored, dusty, or dirty. To retain their elegance, you should know the best ways of cleaning the window blinds. Cleaning your blinds regularly might appear to be a monotonous repetitive chore. It is surprisingly simple to wipe your blinds clean with the right set of tips. Learning how to clean the blinds enhances the quality of air in your house.

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