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Top skill: 5 essential pieces of AFL training equipment

There’s no denying it: AFL is a game of supreme skill. Players require an elite level of fitness, coordination, reflexes and other functions to be at the top of their game.

But players need the very best training equipment to develop their skills and optimise their craft, and AFL is a sport with room for plenty of them!

If you’re looking for an AFL shop in Melbourne with top training equipment, here are some of the things you should consider picking up while you’re there…

  1. Hand ball target

The faithful hand ball target has long been a favourite for AFL training. Why? Because it is the accessory that best trains the player in this vital function of the game. Hand balls have become more prominent in recent years, as local and professional teams see the importance of moving the ball quickly and with precision, as opposed to the old days when they would just bang it into the 50 and hope for the best.

Therefore, the hand ball target is the optimal way to develop this skill. It’s basically just a material board with a bullseye. Naturally, the closer to the bullseye the higher the score, making the hand ball target a fun and efficient way for a player to improve this part of their game.

  1. Witches hats

Another classic of the training field, but one that can never be overlooked, witches hats (or cones) are a vital part of any team’s speed and agility training. Speed and agility are at the forefront of the modern game, with players needing the ability to move at ultra-fast speeds to evade opponents and find their teammates.

Therefore, speed and agility training have really taken clubs by hold in the modern era. Witches hats allow all kinds of skill sessions to take place, and are vital for ensuring your players have the agility to turn, duck and weave quickly in pack situations.

  1. Hit shield

Aussie rules is a hard-hitting game with a worldwide reputation for taking no prisoners, and so players always have to be up to taking a hip-and-shoulder or a big tackle from an opponent.

You want to train your players to be able to take a knock without the constant risk of training injury – this is where the legendary hit shield comes into the equation. You can run a variety of drills that will toughen up your players for when they cop an on-field knock.

It’s going to happen sooner or later, and so it’s best to prepare the squad with the reliable hit shield!

  1. Tackle bag

Whilst your players have to learn how to take a knock, it’s equally important that they can give one out and also perform a match-changing tackle. Therefore, no Aussie rules club can go without a couple of tackle bags in their repertoire.

Tackle bags provide players the opportunity to work on their strength and take down a player in a safer manner than constantly having it out with their teammates, and they are sturdy enough to give them the strength they need to take it to matchday!

  1. Marking bag

Many people say that marking is an aspect of the sports game long ruined by stringent new rules, but if you can train your player to do it with the new regulations, you might just find you’ve had your very own Flyin’ Ryan all along!

Don’t overlook the marking bag for providing your players the chance to leap high and take your league’s mark of the year – they are vital for helping them get up there!

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