Protect Knees With IT Band Syndrome

IT Band Syndrome

Often people who give stress on the knees either due to running or excessive exercise face the problem of IT band syndrome. There is some efficient IT band syndrome treatment that can be followed for this but it is also the diet and the right form of posture that needs to be maintained to make sure the problem doesn’t get worse in the future. Now before focusing on the treatment option, one must know what exactly is the problem and how one can deal with it.

Know about the IT band syndrome:

There are so many people who usually complain of pain in the outer side of the knees especially the runners or those who do squats or deadlift. Well, such an issue is called the IT band syndrome treatment. It often is caused when there is frequent knee bending because of activities like climbing, running, and even cycling. Basically, the IT band consists of certain fibers that are usually in the upper leg length from one side of the hip to the top of the shin.

If it is used more than the advised time then the IT band starts getting tight. This can cause the band to rub against the outer layer of the knee and due to which there is swelling and pain as well. Initially, the pain for the patients with IT band syndrome could be mild but if it is not treated on time, it can get worse. The best IT band syndrome treatment in such a case is to hold on to doing such activity that is creating such pain. In some serious cases, even surgery could be needed.

Symptoms to not ignore:

Before initiating the IT band syndrome treatment, the doctor would look for the symptoms associated with it. Some of the common ones could be the pain that is noticeable on the outer side of the knee or during or after the workout. Some of the other signs of the syndrome could be

a clicking sensation when the band rubs

  • The pain while running
  • The knee becomes tender to touch
  • There is a lingering pain once the exercise is done
  • Tenderness around the buttocks is noticed
  • There is a warmth and redness around the knee area

Usually, these signs could be for quite some time before even starting with the physical activity. However, the most common symptom of this syndrome could be the pain that happens on the outer side of the knee which keeps getting worse if the person still does the activity that creates the pain. But if a person keeps the activity or running contributed then the problem could turn from swelling to some serious unbearable pain.

Treatment options:

Luckily there are some of the best IT band syndrome treatment options that are quite easy to be performed. But if the problem gets worse than the doctor may also advise surgery. Usually, this type of syndrome has two different treatment types.

  1. The first one would be focusing on lessening down the swelling and pain
  2. The other one shall be focusing on preventing and stretching so further injury doesn’t happen.

There are some of the common ways by which band syndrome treatment is possible. This includes:

  •  Avoiding activities that can make the IT band worst
  • Massage
  • Resting
  • Application of the ice to the IT band
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Ultrasounds and electro therapies to reduce tension

Of all things, the better way to stop the condition from getting worse is by stopping the activity which would cause the pain. It is advised to rest for the next 6 weeks at least that would let the leg heal down completely.


If there are exercises or stretches that could be ceasing the discomfort then it needs to be stopped immediately. Those who often run might be at high risk of developing such syndrome. But there are some meaningful stretches and workouts that can help in treating and preventing the condition. It is crucial for people to do a blend of stretching and certain exercises that would focus more on the IT band. There could also be some stretches and exercises that would work the best. This way a major number of the problems could get solved.