What is Crackstreams And How to Watch CrackStreams ?

What is Crackstreams

What is Crackstreams And How to Watch CrackStreams ?

When it comes to free live-streaming sports on the internet, there are a few options to consider. However, just like any website that offers free live streams of normally-paid-for events, you’ll have to make some compromises. It’s up to you to decide whether those sacrifices are worthwhile. We’ll go over all of CrackStreams’ features (both good and bad) and tell you how to stay safe while using it in this CrackStreams review. CrackStreams, a free sports live streaming website, is one of the more popular ones you’ll come across.

Crackstreams is a website dedicated to broadcasting live and on-demand sports. And events from the NBA, NFL, MMA, UFC, MLB, WWE, and Boxing. A day before the game, links for live streaming of seasonal sports like basketball will be available. Combat sports such as boxing and wrestling, on the other hand, will require you to watch whichever show they choose to stream. For the official website link, use crackstreamscom or go directly to crackstreams.is. This website is free, though its services may not be consistent. Crackstreams are available for streaming on Firestick, Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

How to Watch CrackStreams

This tutorial will walk you through the step-by-step process of watching CrackStreams . This method works the same on all Fire TV devices, including Fire TV Cube, FireStick 4K, and FireStick Lite. I have also touched briefly to watch CrackStreams on other popular options such as PC, Android TV box, and smartphones.

CrackStreams is a massive hit among sports fans. It is a free website that streams a horde of live sports channels from different countries. Users can find channels in numerous categories, such as football, cricket, baseball, MMA, and boxing. In short, it is a one-stop solution for all your sports-streaming needs. 

Crack Streams is completely free. You don’t need a subscription or even an account to access the content. Just open the website on your browser and stream the content it has to offer. 

How to Watch CrackStreams on FireStick

Now that you know what CrackStreams is, let’s go through the steps to watch on Amazon Fire TV. 

As I mentioned earlier, CrackStreams is a browser-based live streaming service. You can access this service on your FireStick, PC, or tablet via any web browser, such as Silk, Chrome, or Firefox. In this guide, I will use Silk Browser to watch CrackStreams on Fire TV. 

In the first part below, we’ll download Silk Browser. In the second part, we’ll use the browser to access CrackStreams.

Part 1: Download Silk Browser 

First, you need to download Amazon Silk Browser on your FireStick.

1. From the FireStick home screen, scroll over to the Find option. Then scroll below and click Search.

watch crackstreams on firestick

2. Start to type Silk Browser. Select Silk Browser when it shows up as a search suggestion underneath the virtual keyboard.

free sports streaming site for firestick

3. Click Amazon Silk – Web Browser, found under APPS AND GAMES.

download silk browser on firestick

4. Click Download on the following screen and wait for the browser to download and install.

silk browser

5. A popup will appear on the bottom right corner saying Amazon Silk – Ready to Launch. Click Open to launch the browser now, or go back to the FireStick home screen if you’re planning to check it out later.

open browser on firestick


Step 2: Watch CrackStreams on FireStick

1. Now that you have installed Silk Browser on your Fire TV, it’s time to use it to watch CrackStreams. To launch Silk Browser, press and hold the home button on your FireStick remote.

2. When this screen appears, select the Apps option.

how to watch crackstreams sports website on amazon firestick

3. Scroll to Silk Browser.

launch silk browser

4. If you want, you can move Silk Browser to the top row of apps so that it’s accessible from your FireStick home. To do this, press the options button (three horizontal lines) on your Fire TV remote, then click Move. Once you move the Silk Browser app to the top row, press the select button on your remote.

sports streaming site for firestick

5. Now select Silk Browser to launch it. On the home page, select the Search bar so you can type the CrackStreams URL.

watch crackstreams

6. Enter crackstreams.me and select Go. 

crackstreams website link

7. If you receive this popup, select Cancel.


8. Congratulations! Now you can watch CrackStreams on your FireStick device using Silk Browser.

how to watch crackstreams on amazon fire tv stick

9. You may want to bookmark the CrackStreams website by clicking the star icon on the top right, labeled Add Bookmark.

sports website

10. Great! Now you are all set to stream your favorite sports content on CrackStreams.

free sports streaming on firestick

Your FireStick / Fire TV is now all ready to stream your favorite content. However, before you start, I would like to warn you that everything you stream online is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming free movies, TV shows, Sports might get you into legal trouble.

Thankfully, there is a foolproof way to keep all your streaming activities hidden from your ISP and the Government. All you need is a good VPN for Fire Stick. A VPN will mask your original IP which is and will help you bypass Online Surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions.

How to Watch CrackStreams on PC, Android TV, iPhone

Watching CrackStreams on a PC, tablet, Android TV box, iPhone, or Android smartphone is one of the easiest ways to stream your favorite sporting events. You don’t have to download an app or create an account. All you need to do is open the browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone and type crackstreams.me into the URL/search bar.

how to watch crackstreams on pc and android

Popular Alternatives to CrackStreams 

1. Sling TV

crackstreams alternativesFirst on our list is Sling TV, the first app-based TV service that allows you to stream live television and on-demand content on Android, iOS, and web platforms. When used on FireStick, it feels as if you’re watching cable TV but at a much lower price. With 200+ channels, including numerous sports TV channels, it has something for everyone. 

However, unlike CrackStreams, Sling TV is a paid service, so you must sign up for an account and purchase a plan. The best part is that Sling TV comes with a seven-day free trial, so you can stream all those satellite channels for free for a whole week. 

2. YouTube TV

best alternative to crackstreamsYouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming service that provides on-demand and live TV content from major broadcast networks, popular cable and premium channels, top-notch DVR features, and more. You can pair this app directly with your YouTube account and stream any YouTube content, including your channel subscriptions and playlists. 

YouTube TV features over 90 channels, like ABC, Fox News, and CNBC. In addition, sports channels include CBS Sports, NBA TV, NBC Sports, MLB Network, and ESPN. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent choice for people who want to replace their cable subscription with a more affordable and easy-to-use service for sports. 

3. FuboTV

legal option to watch sports on firestickFuboTV is yet another fabulous alternative to CrackStreams. This streaming service brings you more than 100 sports channels, out of which 30 are live sports. It is the world’s only sports-focused live streaming service with local, national, and international channels, such as NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, and CBS Sports Network.

FuboTV offers three plans. The most popular plan costs $64.99 per month and includes 100+ channels and unlimited DVR.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CrackStreams offer live TV? 

Yes, CrackStreams is a free site for streaming live sports, including soccer, cricket, basketball, MMA, and boxing. Stream quality may vary, but most streams are in at least standard definition.

What categories does CrackStreams offer? 

The categories in CrackStreams mainly relate to sports. Categories include boxing, soccer, MMA, cricket, basketball, and badminton.  

On what devices can I watch the CrackStreams website? 

You can watch the website on any device with a browser: Amazon FireStick, Android TV boxes, Android smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Windows PCs, Mac, and more. 

Does CrackStreams show ads? 

Yes,While the ads can be distracting, remember that CrackStreams shows ads so it can pay its bills and continue offering its free service. Just be careful to close the ads without interacting with them. 

Final Verdict 

This article showed you how you can watch CrackStreams on FireStick. CrackStreams is an excellent website for sports fans who enjoy streaming live sports online. The site is available for free on all the devices you can install a browser. Furthermore, the site offers an intuitive interface and provides some fantastic streams.