How to Survive in Battlefield 2042: Top 5 Tips

Battlefield 2042

As you know, Conquest is the most well-known and iconic mode in Battlefield 2042. Despite the mayhem in 2042’s near-future world, Conquest remains the most popular and iconic mode to fight against enemies for territorial supremacy. But, what happens when an ally or you have taken damage. Will you begin to heal? Will everything get better after a short period? 

That is what we are here to discuss. This blog presents you with the top undetected battlefield 2042 cheats that will help you survive and get back your complete health. Since Battlefield 2042 is war-related, you are bound to find strong adversaries against you. But, you cannot back out and will have to face them. Here is how you can do everything from survival to capturing sectors. 

  • Spot the enemies and complete objectives 

There are going to be many objectives in the game; some that you will sign up for and some that will be there inherently. Remember that you will score extra points for making aims. The game will ask you for your goals. Thus, please work with your squad and make a set of objectives for all the group members. 

After having completed the objectives, spot your enemies accurately. That is because incorrect spotting can get you killed. You must be wondering how. Well, it is simple. If you spot your enemy inaccurately and shoot on insignificant parts of their body, they will be alerted and will begin shooting back at you. Precise spotting will help you and your team. You will also score big if you shoot and gun down enemies from a distance. 

  • Use vehicles to the best of your advantage 

The map in Battlefield 2042 is enormous. Thus, it takes a long time for players to finish an entire map and decimate the rivals. However, vehicles in the game transport us to different places on a map. They also help us survive as killing players inside a vehicle is more complicated than shooting them point black. There will be various kinds of vehicles, and some of them are horses, bikes, jeeps, boats, and tanks. 

The most protective vehicle will be the tanks, as they will protect you against gunshots. Besides, you can also take down an enemy from within the tank itself. Horses and bikes are incredibly mobile. You can reach any place within a short time if you are using horses or bikes. Planes, on the other hand, help you spot enemies. 

Besides, you can jump on a place directly from the plane as it provides a broader view. No matter which vehicle you are in, make sure that your enemies can target you so that you can exterminate them quicker. 

  • Work with a partner 

It is challenging to play Battlefield 2042 alone. Playing alone can be your biggest mistake. We say this because this game is not a usual war game. There are multiple obstacles in the game that a single player cannot overcome alone. Therefore, you need to strategize and work as a team. When you play with your companions, you can clear any hurdle that comes your way. 

Besides playing with a partner, we suggest carrying a great deal of ammunition and weaponry. These weapons will help you and your mate. Believe it or not, it has been discovered that a squad of average players is more powerful than a squad of skilled players who do not cooperate. 

  • Make use of the healing gadgets

The boxes called medic crates help in healing your group members. Hurl them on the ground, and whenever a wounded teammate approaches close, they gain health. But remember that there is a period of cooldown after healing. Hence, you will not be able to use another crate right after. 

The Specialist Maria Falck can heal herself with her syrette pistol. If she shoots friendly aims, then anyone can heal. But if she misses targets, the syringe will fall on the ground, and either your friend or you can take the healing effect. 

  • Watch the corners 

You have to stay attentive on the battlefield at all times. That is because enemies can shoot at you from any corner. Sometimes, even if you are positioned at a place with less space, if the enemy can spot you, you will be killed in no time. 


War games are turning out to be super challenging these days. To complete a single level, you have to lose lives a gazillion times. However, with all our tips, we promise you will survive longer. Thus, go ahead, hold and capture as many sectors as you can on the map.