Should You Buy Kratom With Credit Cards?

With the increase in the compound’s popularity, the Kratom industry has proliferated tremendously over the years. Consumers can now order from the websites of different brands online and get their preferred products delivered to their doorstep. The Kratom companies used to offer customers ample flexibility in terms of payment. Earlier, customers could pay using cash, credit cards, debit cards, etc.

However, there has been some confusion recently regarding using credit cards for purchasing Kratom supplements. In this article, we will discuss whether you should use premium high risk credit card and what other alternative modes of payment are open for you to pay for your orders.

Credit Cards

Why Should You Buy Kratom?

Kratom is believed to have multiple therapeutic benefits. Though it is yet to be approved by the FDA or other regulating bodies, Kratom use has multiplied over the years. It can,

  • Help treat chronic pain
  • Improve libido
  • Uplift mood
  • Treat anxiety and depressive behavior
  • Improves focus and cognitive functions
  • Help keep you energized
  • It can help combat opioid addiction.

Using Credit Cards for Kratom Purchase:

Credit cards are often regarded as the safest and the most convenient way to make a purchase. The Credit Card companies offer protection against scams and allow you to pay your bills at suitable intervals. But, when you are buying Kratom products, using a Credit card might not be the right decision.

In addition, in the last few years, most Credit Card companies have withdrawn their collaborations with Kratom brands due to several reasons. While some brands enable you to make purchases using a Credit card, they have mentioned that it is their least preferred mode of payment and have requested their buyers to refrain from using credit cards.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Credit Cards for Buying Kratom?

Here are five reasons why you should not be using credit cards for buying Kratom products.

1. Averting the Legal Grey Area

Since Kratom was discovered to have multiple health benefits, people have been rooting for its legality and unbarred access. But, the trade and use of Kratom still lie in a legal grey area. The Food and Drug Association has also indicated an intention of banning the substance a few years ago.

Though people have been using Kratom for a long time, some states have already delegalized Kratom products. It is uncertain whether purchasing Kratom using your credit card would affect you. There might remain a slight risk of facing legal consequences later due to your past purchases.

If you are using a credit card, your finances will be at risk, and the regulating authority will be able to track down your identity more easily. Thus, it is recommended not to use a Credit card while buying Kratom supplements.

2. There are Other Safer Alternatives

Most Kratom buyers prefer to use alternative payment methods for making their purchases. The credit card purchases are trackable and can put you at risk due to the unclear legal clauses regarding Kratom. Though Kratom is not an illegal commodity, it is still a matter of constant discussion in the media and FDA. Thus, people often avoid making their Kratom purchases using credit cards to maintain confidentiality.

Also, it can be difficult to judge the authenticity of a brand or a website by common people. Using a credit card at those fraud websites can put your finances and credit score to the threat. Not using a credit card allows you to keep your personal information safe. You can now use untrackable cryptocurrencies or simply pay using cash for making an anonymous purchase.

3. Ability to Avail More Discounts

Local credit card processors are now hesitant to collaborate with Kratom vendors due to its high-risk status. Thus, they are now hiring overseas high-risk merchant payment processors to oversee credit card transactions done by their customers.

But, the processing fee for these overseas processors is exceptionally high. Thus, to compensate for the high fees, the Kratom vendors charge their customers more. But, why pay more for something when you can get the same thing for much less?

Some vendors also offer various discounts and benefits to their customers to urge them to use non-conventional payment methods like cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is get yourself accustomed to the newer payment modes.

4. Avoiding the Increasing Interests and Taxes

A credit card might seem simple, and it can be pretty complex to deal with in the long run. Using a credit card frequently can add to your balance sheet exponentially, and if you cannot pay off your loans, your credit score will suffer.

Paying using credit cards also imposes you with other built-in taxes included in the overseas processing fee of the payment processing company. Along with that, you will have to pay additional charges for the interest of your credit. Thus, you would be paying way more than what you could have paid using other payment options.

If you are a frequent Kratom buyer and don’t look out for your credit card transactions, the bills can quickly get out of hand and drag you into a mess. You might end up in debt, and that could have been easily avoided.

5. Credits Card is Not Accepted by Some Vendors

In recent years, many Kratom vendors are not accepting credit cards for payment. It is a common situation that often arises when you are dealing with high-risk commodities. Credit card companies do not want to take the risk that comes with Kratom and its potential banning.

Most Kratom vendors do want to include the credit card option in their payment modes but don’t have much say in the matter. Nevertheless, they are trying hard to encourage the government to maintain the legalized state of Kratom and convince the credit card companies to collaborate with them.

Credit Cards

The Bottom Line:

Credit cards might seem like an easy payment mode for most of us. But, it can often turn your life into a nightmare if you are not watchful about your bills. Using a credit card for purchasing Kratom supplements can be troublesome in the long run. But the one way you can safely use a credit card to buy kratom is after ensuring that the company you are purchasing from has collaborated with a trustworthy high-risk cred card processor.

We hope this article has shown you why it is not feasible to pay for your Kratom orders using credit cards. Instead, use bitcoins to pay for your online Kratom orders, and you can enjoy its therapeutic benefits without any worry.