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Should you believe in hat myths? Read below to get facts

No matter their popularity, western hat styles have a bunch of myths that surround them. In recent times, plenty of myths and misconceptions have been perceived as today’s facts. Below are a few common rumors about hat styles that have paved the way into people’s minds.

The cowboy hat style is a favorite among people, mainly as it symbolizes hard work, morality, charm, and love for one’s country. However, often, the tales you hear about such hat styles are not always true. But you cannot say that hats weren’t popular before, only because people wore them on occasions. Populations in certain regions wore hats commonly. Now even the classic cowboy hat comes in various options to be worn at all kinds of events. And not just cowboy hats, there are plenty of hats styles available for you to don on every occasion.

Do hats cause hair loss?

Some people wear hats all day, and sometimes these hats may be overly fitted, which may lead to hair loss. However, it is a general myth that all hats cause hair loss. Unless your hat is not your size and sits tightly over your head, it is not likely to cause any hair loss.

When you opt for a hat style, make sure it fits nicely over your head. It should neither be too tight nor too loose that the wind takes it away! Tight hats stop circulation and pull hair, thus causing you to lose hair prematurely.

Hats= Bad luck

The myth where people believe that hats bring bad luck is more on the superstitious side. The myth originates from the belief that spirits reside in hair, and any hair left on the hat would bring bad luck. Further, many think, especially when hats are stranded on a bed overnight, bring terrible luck to the wearer. However, hats are simply a brilliant piece of fashion accessory that not only upgrades your outfit but also protects you from all sorts of harsh weather conditions. You can buy hats for large heads to look polished and exclusive.

Hats = Stereotypes

Hats have no rules. Anyone in today’s world can wear any style, and nobody will bat an eyelash. Baseball caps are not limited to only baseball players or other athletic members. It is a chic hat style that can be donned with almost any outfit and worn on any occasion. Wear it with confidence! Be it a formal event or an occasional gathering like a picnic; you can style your baseball cap without objections.

Moreover, hat styles do not define gender. Anyone can wear any hat style.

Cowboy hats = Cowboys

Cowboys only wear cowboy hats. One of the most ancient hat myths of all time revolves around cowboy hats. Anyone can wear cowboy hats, similarly debunking the stereotypes that hat styles create. You can wear your cowboy hat with any outfit. It looks best with a pair of cowboy boots, a summer dress, and you are good to go.

Hat Upside-Down= Zero luck

The myth goes that when a hat is stored upside-down, all the luck falls out. While held upward, your hat can catch luck. In actuality, hats get stored appropriately and last longer. Hats are an investment. Once you invest in a hat, you can ensure that it will be by your side for a long, long time! Be it a bad hair day or your outfit needs an upgrade; your hat will come to your rescue.

You can opt for a proper hat box to appropriately store your hat without damaging its longevity.

Cowboy hats= uncomfortable

Another myth that surrounds cowboy hats is they are uncomfortable. But if you select premium cowboy hats made with suitable quality materials, then you have the world to explore! However, if you get a cowboy hat made with cheap material, the tale might come to life.

Cowboy hats are among the most comfortable fedoras, and when made with leather, it is bound to have an exceptionally soft and supple feel. It not only fits snugly over your head but protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.

Once you have busted all hat myths, you can hop on the fashion bandwagon to style the trendiest fashion accessory of this fall.

Fall has officially become the season to over-accessorize. And what better to pile on with cute headgear that keeps you warm, shades you from the sun, and makes you look pretty? Apart from cowboy hats, the bucket hat is another style that takes the limelight.

The trick to wearing a hat is to make them a part of your ensemble from the start when you begin assembling your outfit. Often, hats can go wrong if you haphazardly throw them over your head with an outfit already styled beforehand. All you need to do is flaunt your hat with confidence and consider it a significant part of your OOTD!

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