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Sleeper Offers Luxurious Loungewear Collection Ready to Impress

Loungewear is an Outfit You Can’t Do Without

No one will deny the fact that clothes often speak more about us than we can say. A properly chosen outfit makes us look smarter and more attractive to other people. However, some kinds of clothes were designed to be rather comfortable than chic. Loungewear might be the case. The modern world is full of controversy, and fashion is not an exception. Sleeper, a loungewear brand from Ukraine, is eager to break stereotypes and creates collections of loungewear for the pickiest fashion-lovers. The items from the collection can change the typical image of daily outfits that are well-fit, comfortable to wear but completely lack a graceful look. To make sure of that, you can admire the wide selection of clothes at https://the-sleeper.com/en/ to choose the style that will fit you and your way of life.

Everyone has that type of clothes you just can’t wait to jump in after a hard-working day. It is especially true about women who often walk in high heels and tight office wear. Just imagine how cool it is to take off your regular clothes and feel the warmth of domestic outfits! Loungewear gives us that sensation of protection and creates an intimate environment no one from the outside should trespass. The founders of Sleeper, Kate Zubareva and Asya Varetsa, lived through that feeling like nobody else and designed their own set of luxury loungewear to surround you with comfort and coziness. A good outfit should be:


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Elegant
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to match with other garments


Following these postulates, Sleeper creates clothes that you will definitely like to have in the wardrobe. Why is it so? As we know, it all starts with the proper attitude. The company’s manifesto claims that beautiful loungewear, fresh bedding, a hearty meal, and friends around the dinner table can make any place a home. The themes of the motherland and national spirit are sensible in many items of the collection. These vibes are pleasant to notice and give certain uniqueness to the design of the clothes.

Sleeper – a Loungewear Brand of a Dream?

All of us have our own dreams that often come from childhood. We grow up, get a job, and sometimes (more often than wanted), our dreams don’t come true. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer. The story of Kate and Asya proves that sometimes dreams play a great role in our lives, even if these dreams come at night when you sleep. This is exactly what happened to Kate, who had a dream on Christmas Eve back in 2013. The founder of Sleeper saw herself standing in the middle of a pajama factory. Together with a “Curly Sue” movie filled with American aesthetics, that dream served as the main source of inspiration for the girls. A week later, having thought about the matter very carefully, Asya and Kate agreed to start a company of house wear. Asya also suggested that walking sleepwear garments should also be included in the collection.

The company was founded in 2014. Now, seven years later, women of all ages and tastes can find various types of garments to fit their particular wardrobe. The basic items include:


  • Lounge suits
  • Cardigans
  • Pajamas
  • Linen Dresses
  • Shoes and Slippers
  • Bags and Accessories


Autumn has come, with its cold and depressive tints. Don’t let that gloomy spirit overtake your mood. Paint your world in soft and warm colors with the new autumn collection from Sleeper – https://the-sleeper.com/en/collection/new-arrivals-en/. These outfits were created to be as comfy and homely as possible.

Of course, a special place in the collections is given to loungewear. Women’s loungewear by Sleeper is created to be elegant and comfy at the same time. The trends for elegant and stylish nightwear are constantly changing. Today, as in 2014, it might be a challenge to find elegant and stylish nightwear outside of the luxury end of the market. That’s why Sleeper came up with a fresh idea to create loungewear that could be worn outdoors. In that case, a pajama top could be dressed to work instead of a shirt; a summer coat could be substituted with a silk robe. The company tried to extend the usage of nightwear in daily life and make it less conventional.

As a result of this, Sleeper presented its debut home range in 2020. The collection paid tribute to the national spirit of Ukraine. Being filled with decorative objects related to mid-century times, the collection could also boast of beautiful table linens and towels with exquisite Ukrainian embroidery. The main idea of the set was to evoke feelings of comfort and desire to care about yourself, as the founders of the Sleeper claimed. In the world of fashion, such events are often mandatory and are set just to attract the public attention to a new collection of clothes. However, in this case, the huge attention to detail and love of the founders of Sleeper for every decorative element couldn’t be unnoticed. Everything in the collection had its place and meaning, creating a unique ensemble of notions, “home,” “comfort,” “patriotism” were among the most important ones. The success of the range led to the creation of other thematic collections. For example, the Essential Home collection offers neatly-looking linen towels and blankets to add to your domestic items of daily usage.

        Women’s Loungewear by Sleeper Makes Every Place Home

Some readers might think that breaking the rules and neglecting the dress code is unthinkable for them. Not every loungewear brand can claim that its collection is perfect for going out for a walk, but women’s loungewear by Sleeper does that. However, there are useful tips to follow if you want to stay trendy and stand out from the crowd…in a positive meaning of this phrase. We are happy to share some of them with you.


  1. Mind the proportions. It’s not necessary to select baggy and oversized garments. Combine loose and tight clothes harmonically.
  2. Make your shoes look gorgeous. Cute flats, sandals, or shearling sleepers would fit loungewear perfectly. At the same time, try to avoid sneakers and plain flip-flops.
  3. Accessories matter. If you want to add contrasts and look more fashionable, pick up proper accessories. Try to incorporate bling into your look but don’t make it too vulgar. A rhinestone necklace might do the trick,
  4. Try out a layer. It is a good way to complete the look and make it more natural. A good pair is a trench that will cover your lounge set if you need to go outside. Let it be tight and less bulky to shape the smooth lines of your figure.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Try to play with prints; add some strict and sharp lines if necessary. Pair pieces that look most elegantly, and don’t forget about the color match (though sometimes rules might be neglected)

These simple tips will help you to choose the best look regarding loungewear. Just keep in mind that comfort is always the most crucial aspect to pay attention to. No matter if you choose a gorgeous evening dress or humble pajamas with teddy bears, make sure you feel happy and comfortable wearing that piece.

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