How to Take Your Brand to Celebrity Status

Celebrity Status

Celebrities are powerful people. They wield a lot of power and get many opportunities that ordinary people don’t. Many people look up to them and always want to associate with anything they own or promote. Businesses that use celebrity endorsements increase their sales and boost stock value by up to 4%. The Nike Jordan brand once dominated 75% of the total basketball shoe sales in the U.S. Your brand can also get there. Use the below guidelines to take your brand to celebrity status.

1.  Focus on Building Your Business First

Success does not happen overnight. You need to start somewhere to make your company get recognized locally and nationally. First, build expertise and credibility in your field. Work hard to become a household name in your area by offering products or services that are in demand.

It’s easier to scale to a national level once you’ve already made a name for yourself in your locality and gained the approval of clients. Word-of-mouth marketing is a great tool that can help you get referrals from satisfied customers. As you grow, leverage the internet and publicize your brand.

2.  Stay Patient

Starting and growing a brand requires hard work, dedication, and patience. It’s even more challenging for a brand looking to become extremely popular. You’ll need lots of patience and must prioritize customer satisfaction. Quality products and excellent customer service are vital in buildingbrand credibility, one of the most important things in business.

The journey varies from one entrepreneur to the other, but you can increase your chances of success by focusing on a product or service you’re passionate about. Also, use all resources at your disposal to reach people faster.

3.  Be Everywhere

Celebrities are always on TV, podcasts, and on social media promoting themselves or a brand. The more popular they are, the more people want to identify with them–and the products they promote. Come up with strategies to boost brand visibility. Create a lot of valuable content and share it on your social media accounts and on the web. The content should be simple and easy to digest. Avoid industry jargon and talk to your audience using the language they love.

For instance, when people search for loans nowadays, they use search phrases like “does XYZ bank offer title loans to startups?” or “car title loans near me.” They use the same terms they would use when talking to their friends offline. Post content that people will easily understand, click on, and share. Make it easy for people to love your brand.

4.  Partner With Big Brands

Partnering with big brands and prominent personalities is a sure way to steer your brand to celebrity status. Studies show that gaining social proof through partnerships with big brands can:

  • Help a business gain access to new customers
  • Create opportunities to tap into new markets
  • Add value to existing customers
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Help build brand credibility

However, you need to partner with the right people since the strategy works both ways.