Naa Songs by Aravinda Sametha

Naa Songs by Aravinda Sametha

Naa Songs by Aravinda Sametha

The music is composed by Thaman S and is available on many different music streaming sites, including JioSaavn. The soundtrack of the film is available as a free download, and is also available on the movie’s official website.

naa songs aravinda sametha

The soundtrack is expected to be unveiled in mid-September, but will not include any single songs. The first single track was released on 15 September and was made available on all streaming services on the same day. The second single track, Yeda Poyinadu, was released on 25 September. It is a popular song, with lyrics that reflect the movie’s storyline.

The music score is by S. Thaman and the movie is directed by Trivikram Srinivas. The film is based on the life of Veera Raghava’s father, a powerful man. Veera Raghava helps him write the story, which was inspired by his own life. When the story ends, Veera Raghava is inspired by his life. He fights off a gangster and teaches his younger brother lessons. He then threatens his uncle Bala Reddy.

Veera Raghava is the son of a powerful family. He is inspired by his life and tries to end the bloodshed. As he tries to stop the bloodshed, he finds out more about himself and his family. He later discovers that he is a true hero, and his father was a gangster. He decides to take revenge and kill Veera Raghava in order to save the two sisters.

The movie is a Telugu action drama. It is written and directed by Trivikram Srinivas. It is produced by S. Radha Krishna. Both Aravinda Sametha and Veera Raghava play the main roles. It is a romantic comedy and a crime thriller. Its lyric video is accompanied by a beautiful poem by S. Thaman.

Veera Raghava helps his younger brother write a story, which is based on Veera’s life. Veera Raghava helps his brother by beating up the gangsters. However, he learns from the gangster that he will have to kill him. The film also features a music score by S. Thaman. The music in this film is enchanting and engrossing.

The music in this film is also very good. The film features a song by S. Thaman and is very popular in Telugu cinema. It is a highly entertaining movie that will leave you feeling satisfied. It is a good read if you like Telugu films. They will make you want to see more movies. It is a well-made, tamil language action drama.

The music in this film is beautiful and uplifting. The songs are catchy and evocative. The tunes in this film are based on the characters in the film. The film also has a great score composed by S. Thaman. It is a wonderful movie with a beautiful score. The story is inspiring and the music will make you feel better. The soundtrack is a great listen.

The film also features a powerful family with multiple members. The young scion of this family tries to stop the bloodshed but finds out that he has no self-confidence. The film is written by Trivikram Srinivas and directed by S. Radha Krishna. The movie’s score is composed by S. Thaman. It’s a highly emotional movie and has an incredibly tame and enchanting score.