In the fifth season of the cable show, “Top Treasures Discovered on Oak Island,” a team of treasure hunters discovers a Knights Templar cross in a crypt. The object closely resembles one that a French man found in Domme, France. Rick Lagina and Gary Drayton discovered a Rhodolite Garnet brooch in Lot 8 during their search. The stone is said to have a connection to Marie Antoinette’s lost jewels.

The “Thicker than Blood” crypt in Oak Island is said to contain pirate gold, including original manuscripts of Shakespeare. The crypt is also home to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The crypt may hold tons of gold, as well as other treasures. Despite being a popular spot for treasure hunters, the island has received a tonne of negative press for the discovery.

While this theory has many believers, there are still a lot of questions surrounding the trove. First of all, the question of who was responsible for digging the crypt is unanswered. A Spanish ship might have dug the pit to hide the treasure, but British troops may have buried it during the American Revolution. No one knows for sure, but legends are a great way to keep secrets.

The treasures of Oak Island may have been hidden for a long time. But it was only recently that people were able to unearth these valuables. In fact, a few centuries ago, Fred Nolan, a former resident of Oak Island, found five large boulders shaped in a cross. The crypt’s formation resembles the shape of a Templar tomb. It may be the remains of a Templar fleet that once inhabited this place. A coin containing the Templar cross was also found by the Laginas team.

When the pair discovered a circular depression on Oak Island, they were amazed at the discovery of ancient artifacts. Some of these treasures were made by the Templars, while others were made by natives of the island. They did not find an actual Templar tomb, but a Templar treasure whose cross they found was encased in a golden cross.

The treasures of Oak Island are not confined to historical treasures. In fact, several ancient civilizations left great traces of their heritage. Some of these are still visible on the island. They include some buried treasures. The best known among these are the documents belonging to the Knights Templar, who amassed an incredible amount of treasure. They may have been buried under the sand.

The top treasures on Oak Island are those that are lost to history. It is possible that the treasures are lost manuscripts of Shakespeare, and the discovery of them will save the world. However, it is essential to note that the discovery of the buried treasures is still incomplete, and historians are still attempting to uncover the secrets of Oak Island. But they will need to go a great deal of work to find them.