Top Collagen Peptides Health Benefits

Top Collagen Peptides Health Benefits

One of the most talked-about supplements for anti-aging is collagen peptides. Different studies throughout the years cite peptides to rejuvenate the skin, solve hair loss, and help with joint problems.

But if you’re in the market for a collagen supplement, what should you look for? First, the collagen needs to be hydrolyzed. This means collagen is broken down into peptides which the body quickly digests and transports to the cells through the bloodstream. This way, the collagen can get to the parts of the body where collagen would be naturally located, which for many users, is critical because they’re trying to turn back the clock or ache less when crouched for their local softball game.

What are collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are a bioavailable, water-soluble supplement taken from marine or cow protein, rich in types I and III collagen, and beneficial for skin, bone, and joint health.  They contain nine essential reparative amino acids found in bone broth and are high in proline, glycine and hydroxyproline.

What are the benefits of taking collagen peptides?

If you’re trying to lose some of those wrinkles, collagen peptides make skin firmer, improve skin elasticity, and reduce dryness. It also helps fill out fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re experiencing brittle nails, it helps there, too. It also helps improve bone density in older folks and can help alleviate osteoporosis, osteoarthritis,  and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms by decreasing joint pain. This is also true for athletes recovering from injury.

If you suffer from gut problems, listen up: collagen peptides have shown positive signs of improving irritable bowel syndrome, creating the good bacteria that the body needs to function regularly and making people less prone to allergies and infections, which are often due to poor gut health. If you are serious about taking collagen peptides be sure to fight a trusted brand with high quality ingredients. Great Lakes Wellness are one of the oldest and most established collagen brands we love.

What other health benefits do collagen peptides offer?

There’s research out there suggesting that collagen peptides help influence weight loss and could reduce unwanted body fat. Collagen boosts metabolism by heightening lean muscle mass. When combined with daily exercise, collagen peptides could increase skeletal muscle, resulting in a more robust metabolism. We’re not saying that collagen peptides are the secret weapon to dropping fifty pounds overnight, but adding them to your workout and diet routine could be a beneficial change to see true weight loss success.

In addition to being a change agent for weight loss, a few studies have shown that collagen peptides increase the satiety hormone, which means you’re less hungry all the time. Learning how to cut down on big meals and food intake is one of the biggest hurdles in losing those pounds, and we’re psychologically much more likely to stick to our goals if we’re not lusting after that cheeseburger.

Gym rats already know that collagen is critical for building lean muscle mass. One of the biggest secrets regarding the function is creatinine production. Creatinine is the fuel that fires muscle function and supports adding mass during strength training. Collagen peptide supplements help those who hit the gym regularly with their resistance training routines, so adding them to a healthy diet and steady regimen will only help turn body fat into lean muscle.

Collagen peptides aren’t just for the gym, either

If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, always consult with a doctor first. Still, collagen supports skin elasticity, ideal during those long pregnant months because the body stretches and changes as the baby grows inside the mother.  Collagen peptides are fantastic for the joints and ligaments, which have added stress thanks to carrying around a little person.

A recent study showed that when healthy older adults supplemented their diets with just 2.5 grams of collagen peptide a day, they saw improvements in their atherosclerosis markers. More research needs to be done on blood lipids and the effects of collagen, but that one study seemed hopeful that the topic could be explored further.

Are collagen peptides suitable for you? Do your research and talk to a trusted professional if you’ve got questions about how they could affect your body. If you’re interested in talking about finding a solution for a specific ailment, drop us a line, we’d love to chat and see if there’s an answer to finding your best path to wellness.