Slot Machines with Game Coins or with Money?

Slots such as Fiddle Dee Dough can give, and they can take. Comparing slots to other casino games can be tricky because slots are games of pure chance, while other casino games like blackjack or poker require some skill as well as luck. No one could deny the quality of slot games and the excitement that comes with them, but there is one common problem that slot players outline from time to time – the game can be very expensive.

But is that always true? Are slots expensive by nature with no two ways about it? Not necessarily. Today you can play slots in free game coins as well as real money slots. In this article, we outline the reasons for playing free slots as well as the reasons for wagering money. By the end, you will be able to weigh up your options and decide which road to take. 

Reasons to play for free 

  • When playing for free, you can play the same famous games that you would when wagering money. The fact that you’re playing in game coins doesn’t change the game at all, so you can enjoy the best slots ever made risk-free!
  • If you like the game of slots but do not fancy gambling that much, slot machines with game coins are perfect for you!
  • Sometimes it might be a good idea to research slots before you gamble money on them. This helps you to know what kind of games are out there and which one is the best suit for you. You can do this by playing demo versions of famous slots that use game coins. This way you are not risking money as you scope out the different slots out there.
  • Slots are highly addictive. If you’ve ever experienced signs of problem gambling, are a recovering gambling addict or are afraid that you might get hooked, then you might be better off by itching the “itch” in free slots that use game coins. 

Reasons to play for real money 

  • The obvious reason to gamble money on slots is the chance of massive payouts. Slots rely on a computer program called RNG which guarantees a completely random game. So if you feel that your luck might be just around the corner, give real money slots a try and enjoy yourself!
  • Some people claim that money wagering is an essential part of the slot experience. Not to say that free slots cannot be enjoyed, but real money slots are guaranteed to give your nerves a shock! Games that provide this much excitement are hard to come by.
  • If you’re a thrill-seeker then you should look into progressive jackpot slots. These offer one of the biggest prizes in the gambling industry, with jackpots going by the size of £1000 to £15 million! Although these are rough estimates and the prizes vary greatly between games, past winners include sums of £10 million and well above.