5 Effective Email List Building Tips

Email List Building

Email list building is the process of collecting email addresses from website users. Marketers do this to grow the database of subscribers. This database is used to build and develop communication with potential and current customers.

According to statistics, 80% of businesses say that email marketing increases customer retention, and 59% of consumers state emails influence their purchasing decision.

The large subscriber database is a significant part of the successful marketing strategy of any business. Such benefits of email campaigns as direct interaction performance metrics (open rate, click-through rate) – everything provides valuable information for marketers. It helps evaluate what was done right and what needs to be improved.

Building an email list is not an easy task. It is difficult enough to enforce users to subscribe, whose inboxes are full of promotional newsletters.

You can use multiple tactics to collect customers’ emails. Find some useful tips for building an email list.

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Use embedded signup forms

Signup forms are the most traditional and most commonly used to collect emails. Email marketing is not complete without a signup form on your website.

These forms make the subscription process very simple for visitors of the site.

Place the form on high-traffic pages in visible places like headers and sidebars.

Use pop-ups and overlays

Pop-ups and overlays with an exclusive offer can attract the attention of visitors. You can offer users something for free if they provide their emails. However, the use of pop-ups can be tricky, so pay attention to the following:

Don’t cover the main content with pop-ups;
Don’t show it right after the users hit the page;
Provide value for the user, don’t just ask to subscribe to the email list.

Use LinkedIn to collect emails

Didn’t you know LinkedIn is one of the best places to collect emails, especially in the B2B sector?

All those connections you make on the platform can be used for lead generation and to build up the list of subscribers.

As long your connections are your potential and actual customers, it will be helpful to use the information from their profiles, including email addresses. You can use LinkedHelper — a LinkedIn generation tool that allows you to scrape such information from your first-degree connections and from second and first. LinkedHelper will automatically extract profiles from Linkedin and let you export a CSV file with data.

Add these emails to your subscriber list and create effective email campaigns. 

Create a good incentive

To generate the leads, you need a good lead magnet. People will share their emails if they are really interested in what you are offering.

Think about what your customers want. It could be anything, depending on the area of your business. Offer them a discount, voucher, ebook, or any kind of freebie.

Create a survey

Usually, people don’t visit a website and start looking for signup forms. Give them some time to explore and invest the content on your website. And after this, you may present a small survey related to the content on that specific page.

Create some simple questions that won’t overwhelm your customers. When they are into the content on the website, they are most likely to take the survey and send it to you along with their email address.

There are a lot of resources and tactics you can use to enlarge the email list. The subscriber database is an essential asset in your marketing. And the key to it is direct communication with your customers. With correct segmentation, you can build various campaigns with different goals.