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List of most popular December global holidays

Holidays are most often waited by the people to pass the time with their families, catch up with their friends. And almost every day, somewhere in the world, there is a holiday. But, one of the biggest months for holidays is in December. And even studies show that this month is also famous for travel. Many people wait for the cheerful time of the December Global Holidays.

December is the month of cookies, snow, holidays, and, most significantly, happy times. These happy times and celebrations bring hope and optimism. Not just because of the most popular days like Hanukkah and Christmas but because there are more than 100 Global Holidays besides that, making this month “the month of holidays.” Let’s take a look at some December global holidays.

List of most popular December global holidays

As December is marked by all manner of events worldwide, including cultural, religious, corporate events from parents to children, it brings a spark to everyone’s eyes. Using the best parental control application, parents can be more relaxed and let their children go anywhere they desire freely to celebrate festivals.


december global holidays

Hanukkah (also recognized as Chanukah) is a Jewish pious illumination festival. Hanukkah marks the Jewish community’s reconstruction of the Second Temple after a period of internal struggle.

The lamp used to enlighten the Temple’s interior sanctuary for the rededication of the second Temple barely had enough oil to last one day. But astonishingly, the light remained lit for eight days. That’s why Hanukkah is memorialized by lighting candles. And during this period, people ate traditional Hanukkah oily dried food varieties such as latkes (potato hotcakes) and jam-filled doughnuts. Along with this, people exchange gifts and play with dreidels. Mostly it is celebrated in Israel and other various Jewish communities around the world.

When is Hanukkah celebrated?

On the Hebrew schedule, Hanukkah is celebrated on the 25th of the month of Kislev. The eight-day celebrated festival, Hanukkah, starts from 18 December to 26 December in this year, 2022.

World AIDS Day

december global holidays

James W.Bunn and Thomas Netter brought the concept of World AIDS Day for the very first time in August 1987. It is celebrated to outstretch awareness about AIDS. On this day, the people who have AIDS speak freely about it. Volunteers visit AIDS patients who are poor and in need. In addition, each volunteer organization requests the authorities to adopt all possible measures to combat HIV transmission and increase awareness.

When is World AIDS Day?

It is officially celebrated on 1 December.


Despite being founded by Dr. Maulana Karenga, Kwanzaa was observed for the first time in 1966 during the Watts riots in Los Angeles, California. Established in African history, it has now become one of the major December holidays in the United States. The word “Kwanzaa” is from the Swahili language, and its meaning is “first.” However, in this case, the word comes from the phrase “matunda ya kwanza,” which implies “the first fruit.”

People celebrate this day by dancing and singing African songs. Along with this, people celebrate this day by discussing different African traditions and cultures, poetry reading, and storytelling.

When is Kwanzaa celebrated?

The celebration date of Kwanzaa starts from 26 December to 1 January. Mainly it is celebrated to preserve and protect African values. Each day, during this time, celebrants light new candles. It was established as an alternative to traditional Christmas celebrations.

Boxing Day

december global holidays

The origin of “Boxing Day” in the United Kingdom dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used for giving gifts to those who needed assistance. As the origin and purpose of celebrating Boxing day were not known, judgment has been consistently changed. Some people believed that this day was to distribute gifted alms to the needy and poor after Christmas. In contrast, others consider the day to give a gift to postmen and some sort of workers to appreciate their work throughout the year.

In some countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Boxing day is the main shopping holiday. That’s why don’t be surprised when you find people hunting for bargaining on this day.

When is Boxing Day celebrated?

Boxing Day is celebrated after Christmas on 26 December, especially in many different commonwealth countries, and it is one of the most iconic December global holidays.

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Do not get confused with the name ‘Festivus,’ thinking festival. It is not a festival in the actual sense but a celebration. The emergence of Festivus in the mainstream community is through the popular series name “Seinfeld.” One of the episodes in Seinfeld titled “The Strike” presented the idea of celebrating Christmas by abandoning it.

The main reason behind this is to stop buying expensive Christmas shopping. Other popular Festivus customs include “airing of grievances” “feats of strength.” And also, instead of an expensive Christmas tree, Festivus is set around a plain aluminum pole. However, at first, many people lash out at the people who celebrate Festivus, but today, it has gained more popularity, especially among economic spenders and moderation advocates.

When is Festivus celebrated?

People around the United States celebrate the occasion of Festivus on 23 December.


Historically Yule is related to Germanic people and emerged from Norse and pagan methodology. Yule falls inside the winter Solstice, and people celebrate this festival in the name of Odin. A large number of people gather and start burning fire log bonfires to celebrate the longest and darkest winter night of the year during Yule.

Though Yule has lost its original pagan values and rituals and has become similar to Christmas, in Germany and Scandinavia, it is celebrated in this actual ethic.

When is Yule celebrated?

Yule, also known as Yuletide, is the longest wintertime festival celebrated between 21 December to 1 January.


There may be none who have no idea about Christmas and when it is celebrated. Do we need to explain what it is? No! Right. One of the biggest celebrations in the Christian calendar, Christmas denotes the introduction of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Though the fact in sculptures, Jesus was not born in the month of December.

During this day, people decorate their homes, Christmas trees and throw parties in order to spend happy times and festivals with closed ones. Some people visit the church and exchange gifts, and Santa Claus brings toys and gifts to the children.

Whether people follow Christian or different religion, five days start from Christmas eve to new year; it is the week of celebration for everyone.

When is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated on 25 December worldwide. Interestingly, some countries prioritize Christmas eve, which is marked on 24 December.

New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve is not just the last holiday of December, but also of the entire year. It is celebrated to welcome the new year with happiness and a positive attitude. Everyone around the world celebrates this day no matter their caste, what culture they follow, and which country they are from. However, the way of celebrating new year’s eve differs, but the intention is the same.

Some people party all night while others go to temples to thank god for the new year’s blessing. They celebrate the eve till midnight and welcome the new year by cracking firecrackers, dancing, and singing.

When is New Year Eve Celebrated?

As everyone knows, I don’t think it is necessary to discuss when New Year’s Eve is celebrated. However, in response to this question, it is celebrated on the last day of the year on 31 December.

Some other December global holidays are:


Name Celebration date
Santa Lucia December 31
Rizal Day December 30
Las Posadas December 16 to December 24
Human Rights Day December 10
Bodhi Day December 8
Krampusnacht December 5
International Day of Disabled person December 3



With so many global holidays in December, it’s a month to cherish. And while some qualities are shared by all of them, they are all distinct. Some holidays remain the same every year, while others alter by occurrence.

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