Popular Instruments You Can Try to Play for Your Recital


Popular Instruments You Can Try to Play for Your Recital

Everybody loves to listen to some music. However, everyone has their own different ways to enjoy it. People enjoy music either by listening to a song, humming the melodies and tunes, or playing musical instruments. Available in the market are several interesting kinds of instruments that you can try to play. Being capable of playing your favorite musical instrument is highly advantageous. Many people play instruments as a leisure or a pastime hobby. Other people do it because of their immeasurable passion for music. If you are planning to play an instrument for a specific purpose like for your recital, you might need to consider a list of popular instruments that you can choose from.

List of Instruments you can play for recital

There are multiple types of popular musical instruments that you can try to play. Here is a list of instruments that will help you decide which one to play for your recital:


In total, a piano commonly has 88 keys, it has 36 black keys and 52 white keys. It is played using a keyboard. Playing the piano is a workout that offers multiple physical and physiological advantages to players regardless of age. Children can easily develop concentration, perseverance, focus, and emotional expression. A piano can also greatly enhance fine motor skills and improve memory. Among the musical instruments, the piano has a calming and relaxing sound which is good if you’re trying to learn to play instruments.


The violin is one of the most famous string instruments with an extremely high-pitched sound. The violin typically has four strings and it is usually played by drawing a bow across the strings. As an aspiring musician who wants to play in recitals, learning to play the violin has many good reasons for you. First, it can improve your mental health because it has been proven in some studies that playing the violin is calming and relaxing. Learning to play the violin has many other benefits including improving concentration, discipline, and coordination. If you decide to choose playing a violin, always remember that there are several violin brands that are available for you out there. Make sure to choose the best one that perfectly fits your skills and preference.


The guitar is another string instrument that has a sound projected acoustically. It is typically played by strumming or plucking the strings. Learning to play the guitar is great for boosting self-confidence and social skills development. It can also enhance fine motor skills in children. Guitars can also greatly broaden your technique and increase your knowledge of individual notes and not just patterns.


The saxophone is a woodwind instrument and is typically made of brass. It is played with a mouthpiece commonly used in classical music. Playing a musical instrument allows you to express your creative side, but the saxophone is particularly excellent in bringing art into oneself due to its wide range of dynamics and flexible sound. A saxophone will allow you to convey many emotions and styles.


To sum up the discussion, we can say that musical instruments provide such amazing benefits to many people. They serve great purposes in people’s lives. Even if a person has been playing an instrument his or her whole life or if a person is just getting started, we all can agree how valuable and beneficial it is to hone a skill like playing instruments. If you are a parent, chances are high that you more likely want your child to play musical instruments as well. Playing an instrument opens up a wide area of opportunities musically and socially. You can consider the list of instruments in this discussion and choose which among them is interesting to you.