Popular Myths About Online Slot Machines

Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most prevalent game in gambling, and they have developed into many shapes and strategies. The first gambling machine was an old-fashioned machine called the Liberty Bell. It has been a long since slot machines were invented and are still the most played casino game.

The invention of online slot machines and the increased number of online casinos have reached out to many people worldwide. You can play slots while at home without wearing your elegant suit. It is well known to all players that this game doesn’t need perfect memory or high thinking level because it depends merely on luck.

All you have to do is put your money, whatever the amount is. Many slot machines vary according to the amount you want to use. All you have to do is put money in the machine and pull the lever, and then the symbols rotate until they stop, and if the symbols match up, that means you won. This happens in real casinos, which is similar to online casinos. You can find here the list of top crypto casinos.

Here are some myths about online slot machines.

Land casinos are fair, but online ones aren’t

If you know what slot machines are, you must know they are random. They use random number generators (RNG), and this mechanism is the same whether in land casinos or online casinos. Slot machines’ payout depends on the player payout percentage, and the only difference is that you can play online slots at any time and place.

The online slot machine can be hacked

This is a fake rumor about slot machines. Some players believe that they can hack the system of those machines. For sure many hackers tried to do so, but they failed. The companies responsible for any online game of slot machines offer a high-end encryption system that is impossible to breakthrough. The slot machine uses an algorithm that can’t be discovered or hacked. Hackers who tried to beat the slot machine’s system waste a lot of time and money. Their efforts go in vain, not to mention the high legal risks of their attempts to hack. Be sure that all the rumors that you heard about online slot machines are myths.

The more you bet, the more payouts you got

The slot machine’s payout can’t be affected by the betting you afford. This is a common misconception about slot machines. Players can choose the betting pattern they prefer without fear of changing the slot machines’ payout. Slots work randomly, and there is no way to predict the payout. This conception of slot’s random system maintains a high level of security for all players.

The slot machine that paid the jackpot won’t do so in the near future

The jackpot can be won subsequently, no matter if the slot has just paid out the jackpot or not. What matters is how much lucky you are. Remember those two truths about slot machines: the random strategy and complete dependence on luck.

Some people believe this fake rumor because they need any advice to help them win. You might win two jackpots sequentially from the same slot if you are lucky enough. No one can predict when to win or from which slot because of the RNG software responsible for the displayed symbols at each spin. You might win the jackpot next time or next month, or maybe next year, who knows!

It is impossible to win if you play with the free spins or bonus

Some casinos offer free spins, players usually doubt those free spins or bonuses because they believe that it is impossible to win by them and you can only win with your money. They claim that the machine can detect if the casino offers the bonus money freely, so you can’t win. This is another stupid myth about slot machines. You must not believe that even if you heard it from the most experienced gambler. Read the news and discover by yourself how many gamblers win money and even jackpots from the free spins and bonuses that they get from the land or online casinos.


The slot machine has gained high popularity, quite like Poker. Even if you are not a gambler, you may be heard about it. There is no need to have a sharp mind to play; It uses a random number generator and depends totally on luck, which is why it is fair. For sure, many hackers and cheaters continuously try to break through its system, but they fail in the end because slot machines’ system is highly protected. Those most common myths will help you better understand how the slot machine works. Do not doubt the game because of those myths. If you want to give it a shot, don’t worry. Go and break a leg.