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What is Vaccinated Travel Lanes(VTL)

Bingo is a game that has always maintained consistent popularity amongst players for its ease of play and social aspect. Another aspect of its popularity is the fact that bingo is a game that is largely dependent on your luck, which gives a sense of fairness that few other casino games offer. Over the years, online bingo has become extremely popular and is a mainstay game in many online casinos, drawing in large amounts of people to its games.


But surely, in a game where luck is the largest deciding factor in winning, it wouldn’t be possible to increase our chances in any meaningful way, right? The great news is, unlike other luck-dominant games like slots, there are still some ways that you can realistically increase your chances of winning and earning some money in bingo. We’ll be going through some of the ways that you can alter your play and set yourself up for success, at least as much as bingo will allow you.

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