Can You Buy the Bonus Round in UK Slots?

Bonus Round

There are so many players asking whether it is possible to simply buy the bonus round at a game of slots. We regret to inform you that this practice had been forbidden by the British Government in 2018. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Some games have successfully figured out ways to help you indirectly buy bonus rounds by bending the rules – learn these winning blackjack hands.

Games to Look for

Games Allowing Big Bets
1 Soldier of Rome
2 Red Rush 2
3 The Hand of Midas
4 Red Hot Wild


We will tell you how these games bypass the legal restrictions and manage to remain clean:

Soldier of Rome

This slot game has 7 reels. 3 of them are categorized as mighty and the remaining 4 are categorized as money-burst. The wild symbol is a soldier which can replace all the others. This wild symbol is only featured in the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. There are 100 betting ways. Now, every player gets an option dubbed as ‘Big Bet’. By taking this option, you are able to place bigger bets. If you take the option:

  •         The reels will make 5 extra spins.
  •         The payout rate increases from 94% to 98%.

Reel Rush 2

This is a game of online slots produced by NetEnt in the year of 2019. It has a payout rate of 97%. The variance is high. If you multiply your bet by 29.5, you can buy Super Tokens which let you have Super Spins. These Super Spins help you achieve progressive multipliers. You have a much higher chance of winning big rewards in a Super Spin.

The Hand of Midas

This game is produced by Pragmatic Play recently in 2021. The return to player rate is a little above 96.5%. If you increase your betting amount by a quarter, the reels start featuring extra scatters. Thus, you have a much higher possibility of winning free spins as there is a greater probability of scatters landing on the line. You also have a higher chance of getting multipliers and sticky wilds in the free rounds.

Red Hot Wild

This is a simple game. What makes it different is that it has 3 reels instead of 5. The return to player rate of Red Hot Wild is 94%. However, this game also has an option of Big Bet. With the help of this option, you are able to increase the RTP rate to 96%. All you have to do is place a bet of £20 to £30. In fact, if you place a big bet of £30, you will get sticky wilds.

Final Thoughts

The basic understanding is that games are allowing players to exercise a special option to place higher bets and increase their chances of winning. In this way, they are technically able to bypass the legal restrictions posed by the British Gambling Commission. Nonetheless, it is important to note that by placing big bets, you are not guaranteeing your win. Having low chance of losing is not the same as having no chance of losing. So, be careful.