Best Animoto Alternatives for Online Animated Videos in the current digital landscape

Animoto Alternatives

Best Animoto Alternatives for Online Animated Videos in the current digital landscape:

Using animated videos online has become a major trend in the digital marketing world today. Although many brands and companies are using this marketing strategy, there are some people who think it’s very expensive or too time-consuming to create these videos on their own.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Animoto alternatives that you can use if you don’t want to spend the money, time, or resources on creating your own animated videos for your brand or company. These alternatives will give you the ability to make creative and high-quality animated videos without having to do all of the work yourself!

What Makes a Good Animated Video?

Animated video is something that all companies and brands need to be using. Digital landscapes have evolved to a point where customers are making informed decisions and coming across information that should be presented in animated form.

So, what makes a good animated video? The same things that make good content in general: engagement. If your animation isn’t going to engage your viewers, then it won’t be effective as an online marketing tool. It has to grab their attention and spark some kind of reaction within them.

Top 10 Animation Video Tools

Here are some suggestions for Animoto alternatives that can help you create and share animated videos in no time at all.

1) PowToon

One of the great animators out there is PowToon. This tool allows you to record your voice and add it to a video along with your choice of animation.

This is helpful for people who like to add special effects, sounds, or voice overs but don’t have professional video editing software.

The animations come in several varieties, from simple cartoons to more complex interactions with text. With lots of templates available and an easy-to-use user interface, PowToon is a solid animator worth trying out.

2) Videoscribe

Sometimes a standard whiteboard animation isn’t enough for your marketing campaign. If you need to emphasize certain points, you can try VideoScribe, which allows you to record audio from either an iOS or Android device and overlay it on your video to explain specific components of your business plan.

Using a combination of videos and photos makes for a great way to give prospective clients what they need in order to make an informed decision about whether or not they should work with you.

3) Explaindio

Explainer videos have always been in high demand, and Explaindio is a tool that was created specifically for creating animated videos that explain anything from products to services.

With a ton of templates, fonts, and special effects to choose from, you’ll be able to create something unique within minutes.

The best part? Explaindio doesn’t require any design or animation skills, so even if you aren’t an expert designer, you can still make professional-looking animations.

4) Filmora

If you’re looking for Animoto alternatives, try out Filmora, which is a better option if you want to make online videos without getting any extra bells and whistles.

Filmora allows users to upload their own music and effects in a simple drag-and-drop interface. The app also has several editing tools that are easy to use, even for beginners.

The only downside of Filmora is that it doesn’t have as many features as Animoto does, but it still works great as a video editor on its own. For those who just need something basic with no frills attached, Filmora will do just fine.

5) Vyond

Vyond’s intuitive platform makes it easy to get started quickly, even if you’re not a professional animator or editor. You can upload your own assets, such as logos and photos, or choose from their library of props, backgrounds, and characters.

Their interface is so easy that you’ll be making high-quality content in no time. Vyond allows you to create dynamic content that will engage your audience and drive positive business outcomes. 

6) InVideo

Perfect for marketers and beginners into producing videos, InVideo helps you create wonderful marketing videos in just a few minutes. It is the right Animoto alternative.

With this tool, you get access to more than 3500 templates that will streamline your video-making procedure. Users also get access to features like masks, stickers, and vector shapes to make their videos interesting.

InVideo comes with an 8M+ iStock library, 3M+ standard media library, and 1M+ premium media library. Users are allowed to export more than 60 videos per month at 720p resolution.

Animoto is perfect for making simple videos, while InVideo helps you make the most complicated videos using AI-generated recommendations from its IVA or Intelligent Video Assistant.

7) Wideo

While Wideo allows users to upload just one video and create an animated video from it, its much-larger library makes it more of a replacement for Animoto.

It’s relatively new but boasts features like motion tracking (so that you can animate specific elements on screen, like a character’s face), text-to-speech integration (to narrate your own content), and audience targeting options.

Wideo is best suited for marketers who need these specific capabilities in their video creation tool.

8) Doodly

If you want to create short but sweet videos for your company or clients that can then be embedded on your site, social media profiles, and more, Doodly is a fantastic option.

It’s easy to use and straightforward with a creative interface that’s fun to work with. The potential for creatives is unlimited with Doodly, so it can be used by all professionals, from photographers to bloggers.

The latest video editing technology allows you to create your own doodle video in less than one minute. Just enter your message and choose from an array of free pre-made doodles, or import your own images. Then publish and share your video. That’s it!

9) Animaker

With a fun and engaging interface, Animaker is a great video-making tool for beginners.

If you have experience with PhotoShop or other visual editing tools, you’ll feel right at home using Animaker’s simplified timeline and icons to create animated videos.

Another useful feature of the app is how it allows users to upload photos from their computer or even from Facebook. Users can then edit them on their phones as well as add filters, music, text, and more to create professional-quality videos.


It is wonderful to use animated videos because they make the content clearer and more vivid as compared to a static video. If you are not experienced enough, you should browse for options and select from some of the best software for making animated videos. When working with animation, it’s important to know how to select the right software for the job.

Animated explainer videos have become a very popular form of marketing and communication for businesses today, as they are an effective way to communicate ideas, stories, or products in a quick and entertaining way. We hope that this list has helped you come to a final decision on which animated video solution is best for your business.

These services are constantly changing and evolving, so the best thing you can do is try out a demo of various software alternatives here to see what works best for your company.