Which is the minimum deposit for online slots?

online slots

If you’ve played your fair share of online slot machines like us, you’ve probably noticed that the minimum amount of cash required to play the game varies massively – visit ukslotgames.com.

You could use this to your advantage if you knew the games that accepted the smallest deposit, and that is exactly what we will take a look at as well as the unlimited ways to deposit and spin. Which is the minimum deposit for online slots? Read on to find out – we’re going to be taking a look at:

  • Classic Slots
  • Penny Slots
  • No Deposit Slots

Standard Slots

When it comes to your classic online slot machine, you’re usually looking at a couple of quid per spin. You could be looking at anything between £1 and £5 for a classic slot, so it’s always tempting to go for the cheapest one. However, it’s important to note that the lower the minimum deposit is, the lower the potential jackpot will be! For example, you may find a pretty run-of-the-mill slot machine with a minimum deposit of £1, but the jackpot will be low and there may not be any bonus rounds. Play a £5 slot however and you get access to bonus features, potential for much bigger jackpots and maybe even some free spins. At the end of the day, when it comes to standard slots £1 is generally the minimum deposit, but we bet you could find somewhere that does them for 50p!

Penny Slots

50p sounds pretty cheap, but how about just one penny for a deposit! This would be insane and pointless on classic slots, but this is exactly how penny slots work. They’re quite similar to penny casino games that you find at arcades in the UK and offer tons of benefits including:

  • Low risk stakes
  • More casual and fun gameplay
  • Nostalgic to the old-school penny casino games in arcades

At the end of the day, penny slots are still online slot games so we have to say that they are the clear winner in this contest – just 1p for a slot deposit, fantastic.

No Deposit Slots

Surely it can’t get any cheaper than 1p, right? Wrong – you’re forgetting all about no deposit bonuses! If you can find a casino that you haven’t signed up for before who is running a no deposit offer, you’ll be able to cop yourself hundreds of free spins just for signing up! So, not only does this mean that you don’t have to deposit ANYTHING, it also means that you get tons of free spins and potentially making huge profit. Essentially, the casino game developer is paying you to spin! This is cheating really, but when you think about it this means that no deposit slots offer the true minimum deposit for slot games!

The Verdict

Overall, it really depends on what kind of slot game you are playing. Classic slots go as low as £1 or maybe even 50p, and penny slots truly top this by going as low as 1p. However, the true winner has to be no deposit bonus slots, because the spins are literally paying for themselves! Love it.