Planning to Research Cryptocurrencies? Here’s a Checklist from Dan Schatt of Earnity

Dan Schatt

Earnity is set to launch a one-of-a-kind crypto platform that will allow users to earn, collect, and digital gift assets and learn about coins and tokens. Anyone involved in cryptocurrency understands that research is key to success in this industry. Those who are not updated on the latest news and events can fall quickly behind. Earnity executives Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa provide different strategies for researching cryptocurrency.

First, it is essential to study the purpose of cryptocurrency. What is its function? What problem does it solve? How well does it do this? What are the coin’s features? What is the team behind it, and what is their experience? These are all essential factors to consider when looking into a cryptocurrency. Most of these queries can be solved by reading the crypto’s white paper. If it is unavailable, then consider it a big red flag.

Another step in researching cryptocurrency is by looking at its trading history. How has the coin performed over time? Is it volatile or stable? What sort of price patterns can be seen? This information can give valuable insights into how cryptocurrency might perform in the future.

Check the Community

Another critical piece of information to research is the coin’s community. What are people saying about it? Are they excited or worried? What are the biggest concerns? Again, checking out forums, social media, and telegram groups can give a good idea of how the community feels about cryptocurrency.

Earnity, under the guidance of executives Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, is intended to be a social-first platform where users can interact with, follow, and create communities with members aligned with their interests. The platform looks to help users research cryptocurrencies more easily, combining the best of what works on the social internet with a focus on design and security.