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Escape from Tarkov tips and tactics to help you win like a Pro

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most difficult first-person shooter games, and you’ll need some help if you want to win. But don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything. This post will give you seven expert tips and methods to help you win the classic Escape from Tarkov.

The first-person shooter game Escape from Tarkov is the most popular game in the world of gaming. The game features distinctive graphics and promises to provide an unforgettable gaming experience. It features a story-driven hardcore walkthrough. You’d have to cope with injuries and would need a rifle to protect yourself from wear and tear.

There are plenty of great eft hacks and cheats you can use to drive you to the top of the ranks in no time if you are an Escape from Tarkov specialist who wants to put a fun spin on their matches.

Escape from Tarkov is a survival and difficult shooter game, according to the experts. This article contains tips on how to win in Escape from Tarkov.

Be on the same map

Escape from Tarkov relies heavily on maps. There are numerous locations throughout the game, and you must choose one. Try to stay in that spot for the duration of the game. However, before deciding on a specific location on the map, consider all of your options. It will help you become more familiar with the map and catch your opponents off guard.

Select Fights Against Bots

Bots are extremely cunning and powerful, performing antics that you may not be aware of. Thankfully, Escape from Tarkov gives you the opportunity to do so. Combating these bots will help you enhance your fighting skills and go further in the game.

These encounters can also serve as a warm-up for genuine fights, so give them a shot. You may not get paid for such battles, but the experience and talents you gain are worth it.

Use insurance for gears and equipments

Having insurance on your stuff will allow you to keep it until other players have looted it from your body. You can choose between Prapor and Therapist. Prapor is less expensive, however it takes 24-36 hours to return your stuff, whereas Therapist takes 12-24 hours.

However, if you are looted after you die, you will lose your insured items. One strategy to save the things is to place them in obscure spots on the map that are unlikely to be discovered.

Become acquainted with the surroundings

Getting a thorough understanding of your map is an excellent strategy to approach Tarkov. We also recommend sticking to one game map at a time. You can easily manoeuvre to escape routes if you have a good understanding of the map.

Using these paths well will help you live longer and make robbing much easier. It also simplifies the learning process for the game’s succeeding maps.

Play as a Scav

The majority of gamers like to play as PMC, but you can also try playing as Scav. If you die while playing PMC, you will lose all of your valuable stuff. Yes, you can purchase equipment insurance, but there is no guarantee that you will receive all of your belongings. You can plunder a PMC’s stuff if you manage to kill at least one while playing as a Scav. You will have the opportunity to stock up on supplies.

Scav begins out as a weak player with limited supplies, but you can soon improve your status by looting the gear.

Loot only what you need

Choosing what to loot can be difficult, as it varies according to the gamer. Instead of looting random goods, we recommend taking quests and looting quest-specific items. Taking only the essentials is the best way to go about it.

You could also take little goods, but keys, statuses, GPUs, and any other gold-containing item are the finest loot

Keep your weapons in secure containers

When you die in Escape from Tarkov, you lose all of your weapons and goods. However, the game does provide a feature known as safe containers that can assist you in saving your items.

After you’ve been slain, you can use these containers to keep the precious weapons you have access to. These containers change in size as you move through the game, with larger containers in higher stages.


For gamers, a game like Escape from Tarkov is a good source of intrigue and attraction. As a result, success in the game is more difficult and demands a unique strategy.

With many maps, weaponry, and quests, it provides a real-time game experience. But it’s also a little frightening. To win the game, use the tips and tricks listed above.

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