How to Manually Clear Your Watching History On HBO Max

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Do you want to watch HBO Max Anime and are you concerned that your watch history on HBO Max is inaccurate or contains deleted titles? If so, don’t worry – it’s easy to clear your watching history manually. In this article, we’ll show you how to erase your watching history on HBO Max so that your account is accurate and up-to-date. Keep reading for instructions!

What is HBO Max?

The HBO Max is an on-demand streaming service, a subscription service, and the world’s second most prominent service of its kind. WarnerMedia initiated the service in the year 2020. In addition, as of December 2021, it has an astounding 73.8 million monthly subscribers.

The most recent information indicates HBO Max provides users with first-run movies and television shows from HBO and WarnerMedia. Additionally, the service provides content sourced from other third-party vendors.

Due to the inexpensive cost of subscriptions, many people choose to share them with their friends and family. Each HBO Max account enables users to install the app on three separate devices. However, if you share your subscription with other people, they will all have access to the same account and the information included within that account. Because of this, many people are looking for a means to wipe their viewing history from HBO Max.

If you were watching a particular series and stopped to continue some other time, HBO Max will remember where you left it from, and you will be able to continue from that point. You can ‘Continue Watching’ the show from where you left off by going to the home page and selecting your series from the ‘Continue Watching’ row.

Because of this, you can continue viewing without missing anything, even if you go back to watching the show on another device from the one you used to begin watching the program. A movie, show, or series is kept on the ‘’Continue Watching’’ list by HBO Max for 30 days. If 30 days elapse and you had not finished watching it, HBO will delete it from your watch list.

Additionally, you can clear the watch list manually. Here’s how to clear it on a PC or Mac using any browser or on an Android, iPad, or iPhone device using the mobile app.

How Do You Clear The ‘Continue Watching’ Tab on HBO Max?

No matter what device you’re using, the steps you need to follow to remove a show or movie from your ‘Continue Watching’ list are the same. Additionally, if you remove a show or movie from one of your devices, it will also be removed from all of your other devices.

  1. By clicking or pressing the icon, go to your ‘profile’. Look at the lower-right corner of the screen if you’re using the mobile app. On a computer, look at the screen’s upper-right corner if you’re using a browser.
  2. From the menu, choose “‘Continue Watching’.”
  3. Click the “Edit” button on the right side of the screen.
  4. To remove a show or movie from your list, click “Remove” or the “X” next to the title.
  5. Click “Done” once you have completed wiping everything you want to get rid of.

How to Clear ‘’Continue Watching’’ on HBO Max If You Have a Smart TV

In addition to this, quite a few individuals make use of HBO Max on their Smart TVs. Because utilizing this gadget makes it far easier to enjoy the high-caliber video while doing it on a larger screen. The following procedures need to be taken to delete your viewing history while using a Smart TV:

  1. Open the HBO Max application on your TV.
  2. Afterward, go to the home page and select the symbol that has your name.
  3. Following that, a menu will show up on the screen on the right. To continue, you must click “‘Continue Watching'” from that menu.
  4. Click “Edit” from the top menu to make changes.
  5. You now have the option to either select Clear all” or select “Remove” next to each movie.

To ensure that other people can’t see what you watch on your Smart television, you should delete your HBO Max viewing history. On the LG Smart TV, you always have the option to log out of the HBO Max app, ensuring that no one else may access your account.

How does ‘’Continue Watching’’ work on HBO Max

Due to the fact that HBO Max can be viewed on a range of various devices, it is widely used by many users. HBO Max can be viewed on LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Chromecast, Android TV, Android phones, Apple TV, iOS, Fire TV, and Xbox One devices.

In order to select the best option, some people will compare HBO Max with other streaming services but the highest market share belongs to Netflix. However, HBO Max app enables you to resume where you stopped watching shows in the middle of a movie or episode so that you can finish what you were watching.

The purpose of the ‘’Continue Watching’’ feature is store your watch history, and more information is contained on the HBO Max website’s home page. After this, you will have the opportunity to select material from this section when you wish to keep watching. Additionally, this feature syncs with all of your devices, enabling you to keep viewing on any of them without pausing.

All programs, films, and episodes are kept under Continue Viewing for 30 days; if you stop watching a program during that period, HBO will remove it from the watch list. If, after 30 days, you change your mind and want to keep watching, you’ll need to figure out when you stopped watching.


WarnerMedia’s new on-demand streaming service, HBO Max, is a fantastic addition to the company’s catalog. Your account’s ”Continue Watching” area will automatically be updated to include any recently seen videos. And because of this, you will be able to pick up watching just where you left off.

However, you should take the above actions if you want to remove your watch history before the scheduled 30-day purge. Sharing the service with others, including friends and family, will keep your personal information private.