What are the Best live Streaming Apps for iPhone in 2022

We’ll discuss some of the top iPhone streaming applications for iOS with RTMP technology as it is so crucial for mobile live streaming.

You can get each of these iOS live streaming apps from the App Store. These iOS live streaming apps are available for both iPhone and iPad.

Not only live streaming apps but you can also watch movies on iOS by simply downloading the app. For example, bravo tv has the perfect app for iPhone users to stream their favorite movies but the question arises how you can watch Bravo TV in Australia? as it is not accessible in the AU region.

Numerous live streaming apps are readily available right now. Some of them are more appropriate for business usage, while others are more appropriate for individual users. The top live streaming applications for 2022 are listed here.

1.Larix Broadcaster

With the help of Larix Broadcaster, you can easily stream your material using just a mobile device, thanks to a variety of capabilities. Larix Broadcaster has an intuitive mobile app and is appropriate for both novice and experienced broadcasters.

Important characteristics:

Transmission through RTMP and RTSP

Several simultaneous connections enable streaming to different locations

stream to several services, such as Twitch and YouTube Live

Supported modes for adaptive video bitrate include: the hybrid approach, ladder ascends, and logarithmic descent

available for audio-only recording


Free program

Stream it to various platforms, making it simple for you to include it in current material plans.

audio-only filming

several ways to adjust the video bitrate


Some users claim that using the app’s more recent versions is confusing.


On Android and iPhone, Larix Broadcaster can be used without charge.

Ideal Use Case

Larix Broadcaster may be the right app for you if you want to stream a single event or a complicated multi-device production.

The NFL and MLB have used Larix Broadcasters in a special way. These groups had to host their yearly draught virtually because of the epidemic, and Larix Broadcaster was a part of their virtual draught arrangement.


NanoStream has been recognized as one of Europe’s most innovative live video streaming businesses thanks to its exceptionally low latency, even to enormous audiences.

Using nano stream, you can build your own live streaming application or move your current infrastructure there.

Key characteristics:

For lightning-fast delivery on any platform or browser, globally distributed CDN

Use a browser or a mobile device

Integrates readily with current live streaming infrastructure


Quick video distribution to users thanks to extremely low latency

Unlimited live feeds and easily integrates with current infrastructure

usage across platforms


Some users claim that using other systems results in clumsy integration.

Some features, including white-label capability, call for more expensive packages.


Three package choices are available from nano stream:

Starter Package: Get five broadcasts, 500 viewers, and 200 GB of data for $239 per month

Medium Package: Get 10 broadcasts, 2,500 viewers, and 1,000 GB of data for $599 per month

Enterprise/Custom Package: Businesses needing greater bandwidth or with custom needs should contact nano stream for pricing.

Optimal Use Case

If low latency is really important to you, NanoStream is a fantastic alternative. In other words, if even a brief delay would be unacceptable, you need this program.

Online gaming, auctioning, e-learning, and other use cases are a few examples. Worldwide, businesses and software developers use the platform extensively.

3.Wirecast Go

The mobile app for the live streaming software platform Wirecast is called Wirecast Go.

With Wirecast Go, an iPhone can stream media while on the go.

Important characteristics:

Broadcast in either landscape or portrait mode

Change between various ready shots

Put your own branding and logos on your live stream.

Capture and watch back highlights from live broadcasts


Stream to YouTube Live and RTMP servers with the ability to modify and incorporate your branding

Create multi-camera productions by adding an unlimited number of iOS camera sources to your local area network.


Only available on iOS


The Apple App Store offers a free download of Wirecast Go.

Technical details:

Operation systems: only iOS

Apple devices running iOS 13.4.1 and later are compatible with the 21.5 MB file size.

Optimal Use Case

For those who are already Wirecast subscribers, the app is useful.


For iOS live streaming, Airmix is a live streaming app that provides quick playback, slow motion, custom graphics, and more.

With up to 10 video sources, you may create and transmit material from your iPad for expert live feeds.

Key characteristics:

Add your own text, graphics, and more.

capability for slow motion and instant replay

Share on a number of streaming services


Combine many video sources on your device.

Include your own graphics and text.


Some users complain that the software is difficult to use.

Available just for Apple products

Use not intended for iPhone


Downloading Airmix from the Apple app store is free. An in-app subscription, however, costs $29.99 a month.

Ideal Use Case

Airmix can be useful for broadcasters of all skill levels. Users frequently utilize Airmix to stream local sporting events, worship services, and graduation ceremonies. Sports may have the most noticeable use case because they provide a wide range of distinctive elements to improve that kind of presentation.


With a cloud-based video library and live streaming software, BroadcastMe is a live streaming app made to assist “accidental journalists” in gathering and sharing news while on the go.

The news collecting, production, and digital asset management sections of the BroadcastMe app are all separate entities. Users of these tools can record and distribute news videos from any location.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Send app users remote notifications when they are close to news events

two video streams running at once

Fully functional production system with infographic integration, editing, and SEO tools


High-resolution video recording and streaming simultaneously share low-resolution feeds to a smartphone’s storage.

Add infographics, then adjust the video as needed.

streaming and recording simultaneously


Feature-rich and potentially impenetrable to individual users

Made exclusively for Apple devices and designed primarily for news gathering


The Apple App Store offers a free download of BroadcastMe. There are in-app purchases available.

Optimal Use Case

Since BroadcastMe is a white-label software, you may use their technology to build your own live streaming app for mobile broadcasting. BroadcastMe provides a quick route to market if you’re interested in building your own live streaming platform.


Gaming enthusiasts primarily use the Amazon-owned live streaming service Twitch, which is available on desktop and mobile devices.

The most widely used live streaming service, Twitch, allows users to subscribe to their preferred channels.

Key characteristics:

A well-known and reliable platform

Users generate income from subscriptions, advertisements, and donations.

A typically user-friendly platform that provides streaming on both desktop and mobile


Well-known streaming platform with a recognizable name

A large influx of potential viewers

A subscription model offers users long-term earning potential


There are many users, making it tough for streams to take off.


The use of Twitch is free.

The ideal scenario

Twitch had always been (and still is) very well-liked by gamers.

7. YouTube Live

With billions of users every day, YouTube offers both hosting pre-recorded videos and live streaming material for creators.

Creators with at least 1,000 followers can use the YouTube Live function of the mobile app, which provides quick access to streams while on the go.

Important characteristics:

Within the current YouTube app, live streaming is enabled for mobile devices.

There are numerous possibilities for monetization, live chat, age limitation, and other features. You can schedule your live stream or produce really live material.


Within the YouTube app, live streaming is available for mobile.

For both Apple and Android.

Stream material in real-time or save live feeds for later.

familiar, user-friendly platform for YouTube creators


Only those with more than a thousand subscribers may access it


For users of YouTube, YouTube Live is free.

Optimal Use Case

Since YouTube is so widely used for a variety of purposes, it might be challenging to identify the optimal use case. You can still be able to get much traction with this app even if your topic is extremely specialized. However, it might be more difficult to get popularity on the site in 2022 if your topic isn’t overly specialized.

8. Facebook Live

One of the most well-known features of Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, is Facebook Live. All users have access to Facebook Live, which enables people and businesses to share information in real-time.

Facebook Live makes it simple to stream live material directly on a person’s or company’s Facebook page.

The following are the essential characteristics:

Using the app, record a video and share it.

The current fans of your page can receive notifications of new videos.

The commenting option enables interaction between you and other viewers.


Simple live streaming within the current Facebook app

moderate comments and reply to them

a premade group of the users who now follow your page

using a PC or mobile device to stream live


The same technical problems that affect the Facebook platform as a whole might affect streams as well. 

Algorithms may reduce your audience.


Anyone using the Facebook app can access Facebook Live for free.

Ideal Use Case

For independent contractors or business owners wishing to share their skills through various formats like Q&A, roundtables, and consulting, Facebook Live is a good platform. In 2022, gaming and increasing awareness of particular issues will also be common use cases.

9.LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn’s more recent business service, LinkedIn Live, enables brands to interact with viewers through live streams. Targeting a very narrow audience, such as professionals in your sector, is simple with LinkedIn Live.

A customized RTMP streaming configuration or the support of an external streaming service like Dacast is required for LinkedIn Live.

Access LinkedIn through the App Store.

Key characteristics:

Streaming social media to a business audience

control over quality and exclusivity

aimed towards increasing engagement

Integration with LinkedIn Events for hosting online events


As long as your application is approved, you can use LinkedIn Live for free.


Free app

for specialized audiences

designed to increase brand recognition

aids in boosting engagement


Access is application only

Requires third-party support

Closely monitored and highly regulated

Ideal Use Case

Dacast is compatible with LinkedIn Live. In fact, Dacast or another RTMP-capable platform is required for LinkedIn Live to function.


Due to the fact that it only allows audio broadcasting, Clubhouse differs slightly from the live streaming applications we’ve discussed thus far. When this app first debuted, it was an invite-only service available only to iOS users. It quickly changed, nevertheless, to become more usable by users of many kinds of devices.

For brands and professionals wishing to network and interact with others, Clubhouse has been very helpful.

The Clubhouse provides audio-only broadcasting in live chat rooms. The presenter has two options: they can provide a one-way presentation or invite audience participation.

Key characteristics:

Tools to promote audience interaction

Customization tools for stream permissions


provides access to knowledge for big audiences

incredibly interactive


Complaints of “too much noise” are not very widely recognized yet.


Use of the Clubhouse is free.

Ideal Use Case

Opera, MC Hammer, and Kevin Hart, among others, have created clubhouse accounts. However, you don’t have to be as well-known to acquire supporters. Consider Clubhouse if you’re creative and want a platform to network live with other creatives.

Ending Note

You may start streaming right away with the tools we have available today in terms of technology and software. You can use our tutorial on iPhone live streaming as a starting point if you’re new to mobile broadcasting.

Since some of the aforementioned applications are free, we advise installing and trying out the one you believe will best suit your broadcasting needs. Do not worry if you lack an online video platform to link it to.

To connect the two platforms and begin streaming from there, refer to our iPhone live streaming guide.

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