Five NOs you face when you become an app developer

In this article, we destroy popular myths surrounding those who decided to create Android app online without coding.

  1. NO, you do not need to be a professional programmer to build mobile applications.

    Among users of the Andromo platform, you can find teachers, housewives, Latina dancers, dentists, bloggers. And all of them are simultaneously developers! For some of them, app making is an entertaining hobby, while others have made a primary income source from it.

Howbeit, you do not need to study programming by student books, visiting college, or practicing in app coding for endless hours. Your time and financial investments are saved by the creators of Andromo, a progressive life-simplifying Android app maker. The builder constructs all the elements of a future app automatically, while you concentrate on the content.

There are no restrictions by age, gender, previous app development experience, or topics you would like to implement in these apps. Just start and make sure the ocean of opportunities is all yours.

  1. NO, you will not lose yourself on a platform. Andromo is a one-page builder with comfortable navigation. Moreover, you can find and go through any tutorial you may need.

It is a strong benefit that you do not need to switch between websites and endless pages while building an app for cell phones. All the instruments (activities, style, monetization, etc) are located in the left part of the user’s interface. The right part lets you customize each particular element.

  1. NO, it is not too complicated.

    Look, an app building usually takes five steps. One — you buy a subscription. Two — you go to Easy Start and pick a template suitable for your topic.

Imagine it as a put-together constructor. The pattern is empty of content, but it has all the necessary features for your future app. Alternatively, you can always pick a blank theme and collect activities with your hands.

Three — customization. You may choose the way your dashboard looks. For that, visit a style section and pick one of the harmonic color combinations we have created for you.

What else will highlight your app among others is designing each particular activity. Using the right part of the builder, you may choose activities’ icons, their size and form, their order, and placing on a dashboard.

Four — content. Remember to keep it relevant to your audience’s interests, but also qualitative and exclusive. You may find some inspiration on topical websites and resources like Pinterest, though.

Content uploading is easier than ever before. You just have to choose an activity (for instance, a photo gallery), open a source folder on your laptop, highlight a chosen area — and upload every piece of content altogether. It will take you only a few clicks.

Five — benefit from your product. How? Follow an instruction below, in the next disclaimer.

  1. NO, you will not give all the money in the world for a dubious chance of becoming a developer. Actually, the only risk here is getting a horribly high income.

    In fact, try it free before moving any further. gives you a two-week free trial. During fourteen days you will have access to all builder instruments, experiment with them, try them on the idea of your future app. Then you will decide whether or not the platform’s functionality satisfies your requests.

When a trial period is over, you will be offered to buy a subscription plan — the Hobbyist, the Pro, and the Ultra. The last two allow you to build apps and upload them to app stores with a perspective of further monetization.

Regarding monetization. As far as Andromo works with Facebook Ads and AdMob, you will have all the instruments for monetization setting. How to create an Android app and make money on it? Easily. Advertisers are searching for topical mobile applications with matching target audiences to implement ads there. Every time a user of your app watches interstitials, static banners, or native ads — you get paid. In an updated Andromo platform version, you can regulate the frequency of ads run by yourself.

  1. NO, you should not be afraid of competition.

    Becoming a trend is not as challenging as keeping your trendiness alive for years. This works vice versa, as well. Any market giant can fall apart one day. Who knows, maybe your app is doomed to become the next big breakthrough?

    The definer of success here is a corpulent promotion on app stores. You will find your way to work with keywords and key phrases, app descriptions, screenshots, and demonstrational videos.

But that will be after you refuse your every personal NO and substitute is with very brave and confident YES.