Tap the Power of Flowers to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

As the spookiest night of the year approaches, everyone seems to boggle their head with a question of how to decorate their home in the most terrifically beautiful way possible? While scary pumpkins and awe-inspiring skeletons are timeless classics, Halloween flower arrangements composed by a creative flower delivery San Jose expert will also help you get into the spirit of the holiday. Here are some flowers whose spooky allure is ideal to be embraced for Halloween decorations.

The Best Flowers to Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is a period when everyone tries to unleash their creativity and concoct incredible costumes, terribly delicious treats, and prodigiously lovely home adornments. Flowers that come in green, orange, dark blue, black, white, red, and purple colors are ideal attributes to create a perfect eerily atmosphere. Some of the best floral picks for Halloween treatments include the following devilishly gorgeous titles.


Fondly dubbed moms, Chrysanthemums are Halloween’s all-time favorite flowers. Spoiling you with a variety of shades and textures, moms are readily available throughout October.

Orange Roses

These precious darlings are also strongly associated with All Hallows’ Eve. Orange roses offer a diversity of sizes, tones, and variegations of orange from coral to cantaloupe and even bright pumpkin colors. The epitome of quintessential beauty, roses bring magical elegance and charm to every occasion, and they can also take the fun of a Halloween party to the next level if arranged professionally!

Dark Dahlias

Dark dahlias can become moody embellishments for an authentic Halloween celebration. The purple, burgundy, or wine red color will allow you to achieve a truly spook-tacular and boo-tiful bouquet to grace the festive table.Blackdahlias are also a flower of choice to be sent via international flower delivery to spookify your cherished Halloween recipient!


This daisy-like flower has a straw-style texture. Bracteantha is “everlasting,” meaning the flower retains its original color and shape even after drying. As bright as fully ripened pumpkins, Bracteantha blooms work well for the Halloween season.

Purple Millet Grass

Deep purple millet grass is second-to-none when it comes to decorating any autumn occasion, but it also strikingly elevates the vibe of Halloween. The long, thin stalks create a breathtaking eerie feeling, and if coupled with dark purple lavender leaves, you get the ultimate floral solution for Halloween.


These vibrant orange heads are often used to celebrate the Day of the Dead holiday because the flower’s scent is believed to attract the departed spirits who return to visit their families and friends. Because of a direct association with the Other Side, marigolds also make an appropriate decoration attribute for Halloween. People tend to put bunches of marigolds in scalp-like vases for a truly spine-chilling effect.

Send Creepily Beautiful Halloween Bouquets Internationally

If you happen to be far away from your beloved trick-or-treaters on the day of Halloween, you can always send them a thematic Halloween floral arrangement, a basket of treats, or a sweet gift using an international flower delivery service.

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