8 Apps That Pay You to Walk

While apps that pay you to walk may not be a full-time job, they can help you maintain better health and fitness. As a result, apps that pay you to walk are becoming increasingly popular. So, are you looking for Apps That Pay You to Walk? There are several free applications on the market. Sweatcoin, Charity Miles, and HealthyWage are some examples. Here are some more apps to consider:


There are many different ways to make money while walking. One of the most popular ways to earn cash is to walk. The Achievement app pays you points for every 5,000 steps you take. This is more than just a cash reward, though. You can use it to get Sweatcoins, as well. Once you reach ten thousand points, you can redeem them for $10. However, you have to be consistent about exercising to reach this threshold. Achievement integrates with 20 other health and fitness apps, including Apple Health, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. Users log their daily activity on the app to reach their goal, and when they reach 10,000 points, they can cash out via PayPal or gift cards.


If you have been looking for the best money making app that pays you for taking outdoor steps, Sweatcoin is a perfect choice. The app rewards users for their physical activity and provides a venue for product manufacturers to promote their goods. Users earn 0.95 sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps they take. In addition, you can track your progress in real time and earn up to 20,000 sweatcoins if you walk at least three miles a day. Sweatcoins can also be exchanged for fitness-related products such as health energy drinks and fitness gear. The app also allows users to use their Sweatcoins as payment for music and magazine subscriptions.


Rakuten Pays You to Walk could be your perfect opportunity if you enjoy shopping online. This unique opportunity allows you to earn cash back for referring friends to the online store. You can make some money back for any purchase on Rakuten, even if you buy an expensive item. Cashback is available for both online and physical assets. In addition, you can link your credit card to your Rakuten account to automatically receive cash back after each transaction is completed. This makes it easy to earn some money back even if you’re on the go.

Charity Miles

When it comes to fitness apps, Charity Miles is a great choice. They use GPS and motion sensors to track your movements, and you earn money for charity for every step you take. You can even walk and cycle indoors on a treadmill and get sponsored by friends and family! One of the unique features of Charity Miles is that you can choose which charities you want to support. For example, suppose you want to keep a particular charity. In that case, you can create your fundraising page or use one of the charities’ official pages. You can change the charity whenever you like, and it’s free! The app tracks all types of activity and allows you to earn money for a cause of your choice.


If you’re tired of feeling broke, consider downloading an app that pays you to walk. The HealthyWage app allows you to earn money by walking for as little as ten minutes daily. It tracks your steps using GPS, so treadmills do not count. Instead of cash, you get to choose between discounts, charity donations, or other rewards. If you’re already walking for fitness, why not make more money?


StepBet is a game you play daily. Users enter data into StepBet’s activity tracking app, and a daily goal is calculated based on past activity. Once they reach a weekly goal, they split the pot and share it with other players. Once the game has ended, StepBet will distribute the money among the players, and the winners will receive the cash.

The app pairs with your health tracker to monitor your activity from anywhere. Then, you can browse games and place bets to meet daily goals. Then, when you reach your goal, you’ll be rewarded with real cash. But, of course, listen to your body and only participate when you’re fit. Otherwise, you could get injured. Nevertheless, StepBet will be an enjoyable way to increase motivation and improve physical fitness.


Decluttr is a mobile app that allows you to sell the things that are cluttering your home. After downloading the app, you will see a registration screen. You must enter your email address, name, and street address here. After that, you can start listing items for sale. Decluttr will then pay you for the items you sell.

Selling on Decluttr is quick and easy. All you need to do is scan the barcodes of the items, print the shipping label, and drop the box at a UPS drop-off location. If you have any broken or damaged items, Decluttr will not purchase them. 


If you enjoy walking and want to earn money, you should consider signing up for Acorns. The app rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the spare change into your account. It can be used to pay your bills or invest in retirement. You can also set up a checking account for your children and support them for their future. The app can monitor your credit card usage, round up the difference, and put it into your Acorns account. Acorn is a great place to start if you’re new to investing.