Canadian Street Food

Must-Try Canadian Street Food

Everyone knows Canada for dazzling sceneries, unique natural features, culture, moose, and tasty repasts. Speaking of delicacies, Canadians have a thing for buying meals from the streets. The first reason is to save time and, most importantly, because the chows are magical to the tastebuds. Besides, you wouldn’t be critical about buying street foods any…

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New Year Kindness with Recipes

So many of us have New Year resolutions. Some of you might want to be more active, others want to live a healthier life.This is all well and good. We should focus on self-improvement. Yet we also need to look around and notice where we can improve things around us. Small acts of kindness go…

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Ying Yang Fish

What Is Ying Yang Fish?

What Is Ying Yang Fish? In Japan, the cutting of live fish is referred to as ikizukuri and is utilized as a way of guaranteeing newness, especially since the meat is then eaten crude as sashimi. For China and especially its island heaven of Taiwan, a couple of styles of arrangement include eating fish while…

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Best Food Blog

The Best Food Blog in Singapore

Most people who love cooking are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and recipes to follow. These are usually from chefs or those with more experience and skills on how to prepare various dishes. One of the most seasoned and highly esteemed chefs in Singapore is Cedric Okiorona. He’s got a commendable following thanks…

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